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  1. Thanks Joe yes gaskets we're done not original though .Problem is I do not have the diagnostic readings the mechanic came up with ,different from Halfords IHe said low compression when he tested it but he did not give me readings .Will try and get it back to Surrey and get a jag specialist to look at it .I am not handy at all when it comes to cars . many thanks
  2. Many thanks for reply John .The full story is that when the jag went into limp mode whilst in Dover ,the closest garage was Halfords and they did a diagnostics .See attached .They recommended me to see an auto electrician , not could really tell me the fault .I was recommended by a friend to a mechanic whilst still in Kent and he came around .I showed him the codes from Halfords and he checked the car and removed plugs and said it's water ingress causing problems .He took the car to his place in Chilham ,changed plugs and coils and did diagnostics and he said different codes came up .After doing further tests said 4 and 6 cylinder low compression.I'm back in Surrey and need to go back and sort it out .He recommended me selling it or putting in reconditioned engine .
  3. Compression test was done after the fitting of coils and plugs
  4. Hi No problems have not been solved,not running that well.Guess my point is there any other path to go ?
  5. This is what the mechanic I was referred to has just said ' You have low compression on 4 and 6 cylinders Hence the slight misfire at low speed' initially my eml ligjt came on and went in limp mode on and off .He came around and said caused by water coming in and plugs and coils needed changing .Done that and now he mentioned above .Any opinions welcomed . Mileage is 62000. Thanks Anthony
  6. Greetings to you all .Justvsigned up ,Recently purchased 2006 SType 3l auto .So far very impressed with this low mileage car .Look forward to getting all the expert advice out there when I have enquiries .
  7. Hi, I know this is old thread butbmynmechanic has ordered two different bosch set of blades and said does not fit.Hebsaid I. ust order vrom Jag direct.I have 2006 SType saloon 3l automatic
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