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  1. Better still just buy the Portfolio. You will get everything. Mark
  2. Huddy

    Boot release

    I replaced the hydraulic as well as fitting and extra bolt inside the mechanism. It worked prefect for a few months then went back to as it did. As mentioned in a further comment not sure if it's got cold now. The only thing I don't like is it tended to "bounce" when fully open, wondered in time if it would damage the mechanism. So up to you if you really want it. I purchased all the items off a well known site with Bay as the end word. Huddy
  3. Huddy

    Break discs

    It's compressed by hand. I purchased a brake piston pusher thingy off eBay. Makes it a lot easier. Huddy
  4. Ok so my electric window mechanism packs up on passage door on jaguar xf 2010. I get new kit for £40 with marine S/S wire rope. All fitted and now window goes up an down. Happy days. BUT when I lock the car all sounds good beep, mirrors fold in etc etc. BUT with key far enought away (as I tried rear door and was locked) I can open passage door and the alarm goes off !!!! Like WTF. Help please.
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