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  1. Cheers Jon. Since I posted this I have done research elsewhere and apparently the resetting of the EPB is relatively easy without a computer. Having said that my wife bought me a Foxwell scanner that will allow me to wind the brakes back and reset the EPB. Once the weather has improved I will be doing the discs and pads myself that I bought from Autodoc, and painting my calipers too 😁
  2. Thanks for the reply. Will search for you tube videos
  3. Hi guys I need to change the rear discs and pads on my 62 plate XF Sportbrake 2.2d premium luxury. I have the parts, including the wear sensor, but was wondering if there is anything I should be aware of? Had the car 6 months and slowly getting any issues sorted as previous owner didn't take care of her as well as they could have. Thanks in advance Jon
  4. Very nice. Love the colour and wheels, really suit the car
  5. Hello everyone. I thought I would join this group and give it ago. I'm on my 4th Jaguar which is a 62 plate XF 2.2d 200ps Premium Luxury Sportbrake. Bought her about 6 months ago and I'm loving it. My first Jag was an 07 plate X Type sport but was sadly written off when someone crashed into her while parked outside our old house. Then I bought a 52 plate S Type 2.5 SE, but it had been standing for aboutv4 years before I bought it and needed a fair bit of money spending on her. I traded her in for an 07 plate XJ6 X356 2.7d Sovereign and absolutely loved that car, but I changed my
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