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  1. Either no one knows how I can take off my fuel or I'm not cool enough I just want to restore this car in my father's honor as well as myself I cant get theu heritage trust they are not taking my faxes or my calls or my emails or my luck no one gets in here enough to b able to answer my questions I'm literally stuck in the middle if this project because I cant get any answers from anyone I have 2 new tanks now but still cant get the first tank off I've watched videos no mechanic I talk to will even look at the car at all and tell me good luck please help me someone I'm desperate
  2. Thank you! I apparently have found the vin number now I'm having a hard time getting thru to the uk office so that I can verify previous owners and records for my jag. If anyone knows a way to get information thru my vin number I would love it if someone could point me in the right direction? I have called the archives office and tried to get ahold of someone named Fred Hammond. Apparently they never are in the office. I've tried to email, fax ,and call the jaguar heritage trust people. Emailed them sent a fax and have even called and I got no answer no reply back of any kind. Am I calling the
  3. Hello Bill my name is Karl and I am not from your country however. I find myself in Kennewick, Washington United States of America sporting a XJ6L Series 2. She drives smooth. Its my first Jag always wanted one, now I have her and only had to clean out the gas and fuel lines and she purrrrrrs........ Karls
  4. Funny you say that, because I rarely see any Jaguars on the road unless they are wayyyyy outta town cruising I dont see many. However ur right Jaguars have become a big hit again. Definitely good to see. As long as they stay away from the parts I need! Just being silly.☕ Karl S.
  5. I did find something today under the hood on the drivers fender it was under I think it's the pump for the wiper fluid but didnt follow the wires to far was looking for the vin number. However I found a plate under the pump and it read on to "Ue2T53166BW and 8L10497-L", and then on the bottom it read "5T10910 and 015/26078". Not sure if it's a parts number or what the deal is here. I'm awfully confused. Been looking for 2 days now and tomorrow is the good ole fashion third time is a charm. Thank you again for your assistance hope to hear from ya again soon. Kar
  6. I did look around that area per friends suggestion only thing I found was 8L10498-L down there I didn't look way down in there but I'll take a look later. Thank you very much. Karl S.
  7. O boy I said alot and it only sent out that lil bit torwards the end great!
  8. sorry for all the words I just dont know how else to say it without being able to send photos of what i have found I'm documenting everything and again thank you for reading and offering your help i need all i can get. I've learned already that without the VIN number your kinda dead in the water so to speak hope to hear back from you with more advise if ya got any to spare thank. Karl S.
  9. O one other thing i forgot to mention where in the world is the VIN number located? Its not in the drivers side window thats an 11 digit number. Inside the door panel has the plate on it buts its so worn its impossible to read anything on it except a couple words
  10. Hello everyone: Im pretty new to mechanics especially to the sweet jaguar. I got myself my dream car. Shes a beauty, got really lucky with her, however she sat for 27 years. Does anyone have any idea where i need to start to gaurentee she is rode worthy? I am thinking about starting with the fuel tanks and make sure they are free of rust and maybe put in some sorta coating inside the tank to help with future risting. Does that sound like a good start? Please any advise would be helpful. Thank you so much in advance. From what the fellas that dropped her off says, she starts and runs.
  11. Well i might b in the wrong club but i like this ine so far im from Kennewick, Washington USA
  12. And where and how do i acquire a logbook or owner and repair manuals and original welcome to jaguar booklets they handed out when purchased of the show room floor
  13. Man im having the same problem. Im a proud owner of a 74 xj6L series 2 4.2L shes cherry too, but i know nithing about cars let alone a jaguar. However to kinda answer your question the vin number should b in the window/dashboard on the drivers side. And then i discovered a plate inside the drivers door, but unfortunately i cant read it is worn down and has over spray from a paint job i imagine it had at one point. I would liaf pictures but its not letting me. However so i kept looking thought maybe on the fire wall there should b aomething or on the engine. Nothing on the fire wall, but found
  14. Hello im kinda wondering hiw i go about down loading an owner's manual for 1974 xj6 as well as a same car but the repair manual. I appriciate any advise or help i could get thank you so much Karl S.
  15. Hello fellas im new here i have posted once. Not on this page of the site, but maybe i was in the wrong area i have a couple of inquiries if y'all dont mind?! I have myself a cherry xj6l jauguar from 1974 its my father and I's dream. ( took me to long to get her, but i got her for us) I am having the hardest time trying to find the actualy VIN numbers. I looked under the drivers side window and found a strip that has 11 numbers and another on the passenger front fender hnder the hood and no 17 digits how do i find the VIN number for this beauty Thank you
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