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  1. Hello Just joined the forum, so sorry for the late reply - it its still of use... In a lot of garages, and home DIY mechanics - to do anything to the front - including bulb replacement and pedestrian protection system sensors - its easier to drop the bumper off the car. This could explain the chip on the bolt and the wobbly front light - a mechanic has already had a socket on it. There is a tiny plastic locator pin on the back of the light (that I broke)... There is a clip underneath the light - that I removed and forgot to refit This leaves my passenger side
  2. Hello, I have a 2013 XKR and have spent hours trawling sites, forums, user guides, techpubs etc... I imported mine last year, thankfully the guy doing the French MOT said "well its a UK car so I didn't test the lights". So in fact I was able to get the paper I needed to register the car and now have a 2 year breathing space before the next test ! What I found was: There are a mind boggling number of combinations of headlamp, bulb and configurations for the front light Jaguar don't know the answer despite providing them with the VIN number There isn't an ea
  3. Hello ! New member introduction 🙂 I used to own an X308 and loved it very muchly. My wife unfortunately disliked it more than she disliked me... So I sold it and bought a motorbike - becuase that helps 😛 In 2018, I clicked past a big number and began my research and last year indulged my Jaguar fantasy once more. I am now the proud owner of a 2013 XKR convertible. Its in a powder blue / grey depending on which way the light is shining with a cream leather interior. I have imported the car to France, by some stroke of luck the guy doing the French MOT tested it as a
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