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  1. Update Car went in for MOT and passed 🙂 after I got a new caliper on nearside front fitted as it was dragging. Brake pedal still feels quite hard, and also, the pedal keeps sticking to the point the brake lights stay on - so when you lift your foot off the brake it does not come all the way to the top and holds the brakes on slightly and the brake lights... and I have to lift the pedal with left foot. Pedal seems louder than what I would expect as well....is this c ase of adjustment and lubrication? Would that still point to a servo problem? I've tested the servo
  2. Hi mate thanks for that. Er, where do I start... Took master cylinder off today and double checked everything and fitted it all back together. Now the brakes are not locked on but the brakes feel very wooden, Push the brake pedal down and not a lot happens almost like theres no assitance. Its a lot better than it was and on the brake roller everything was in limits barring a sticking/dragging caliper on the nearside. On thwe Bosch diagnostics for some reason a fault came back but no code and it just said that the Brake Booster Switch was 'Open' or 'Closed' and when brake applied did
  3. Hi Has anyone got the above in working condition? I need one desperately! Thanks
  4. Hi all Picked up S Type yesterday afternoon. Brake Pedal is hard, now the ex owener has had a replacement servo put on (used), along with replacement vacuum pump and replacement pipework. Brakes are locked on, on front wheels. Brake lights are also on unless you lift the pedal slightly up. Brake pedal is hard, you can apply if you push hard and you do get brakes. Shot Servo? Sometghing other? Electronic type servo I believe. Car is an 05 2.7 TDV6 mileage around 108k. Thanks
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