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  1. Thanks Joe, me too. Simple when I got it to the right bloke.
  2. Nice when a thread concludes, especially with a happy ending... Fixed. I found Jagman (David) in Wigan, who instantly knew something was wrong with the previous diagnosis of electrical circuit break and write off.. and said so. He had a poke around and bingo.Turns out it was the hand break motor. Jagman made it painless and relatively inexpensive in the end. I'll be using him again..
  3. Hello again, I did swing by a local garage with a good reputation as auto electricians for a second opinion.. They have not tested the vehicle, but do confirm that the diagnosis offered by the independent Jag specialist, can and does happen and as such, there could well be a break in the system which could be near impossible to track down. Also, the option of by-passing and running a parallel wire is not possible.. The original diagnosis from the Jag specialist, bearing in mind, no punctuation and that the RAC cut the handbrake cable, word for word
  4. ah no Joe. Sounds like I'm back to square one.. (taking it to a Jag specialist is what backed me into this corner in the first place). Robbo
  5. err, hlod on. Joe, you sound just like the auto electrician I'm looking for.. I'm in Altrincham, Cheshire, you're in Staffordshire! ..or is it bad forum etiquette, to say what I'm thinking? Alternatively, can you recommend someone in my region? Robbo
  6. Thank you Keith and Joe for the in put. Yes it does all sound a little messy. As it stands, the problem is writing the car off. So I'll have to shop around for a second opinion. However Joe.. I have no knowledge of what you are saying, but I will be bouncing your comments off the specialist mechanics we use and others. I'm hoping to find someone local ish to me for the second opinion. What do you do Joe, professional or enthusiast or both? (V8 very nice) Regards, Robbo
  7. Hello Keith, No point trying to thrash it out with me. I only get it generally. The problem has apparently moved on from the obvious modules, codes etc. The problem is particularly unusual. Nothing is communicating with each other, The SCP not being able to communicate and CAN no communication with abs ecm and transmission..leads to the theory of a brake in the circuit. And by that, they mean absolutely anywhere in the wiring or other modules in the car and there is plenty of that. One large wiring loom being at the front. They pretty much told me, nicely, the
  8. Keith, Love your S type. Don't fall out. You have the patients of a rock. I struggled to stay focused throughout your thread, let alone under a car trying to deal with the problem. Maybe you can offer some in put to my thread " SCP Not Communicating", particularly to recommend an auto electrician with your level of patients..
  9. Hello, I have a 2005 Jaguar S-type 3ltr petrol auto and I like it, however I need an auto electrician. I'm based in Altrincham Cheshire, just south of Manchester. My electric hand brake had jammed and the warning alarm sounding. RAC had a go then I dropped it with a Jaguar specialist who informs me the problem is the SCP cannot communicate with the handbrake due to a break in the circuit, probably a broken wire somewhere. He suggests that finding the break in amongst the mountain of wiring is too large a problem and as such, cannot offer a time-scale, or price to tr
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