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  1. UPDATE 12th Feb 2019. My Car is now fixed. The mechanic recommended to me by Old Peter (Carl - based in Erdington, Birmingham) took my car away last night and brought it back just after Midday today having replaced both EGR valves. My Jaguar S Type 2.7 Twin Turbo now drives like new again. Whilst there was only one EGR fault code indicating just one faulty EGR valve, it seemed a false economy to replace just one. Carl charged me £420 and also replaced a blown tail light bulb for me. The EGR valves are Lucas OE parts (not budget parts from China) and there is a 12 months parts and labour warranty. An excellent job and super speedy too. I have to send out a big 'thank you' to Moderator/Staff member Old Peter for his continued support and assistance with this problem. My one fear when buying this car over 9 years ago was the potential costs for parts and repairs but thanks to Old Peter and this forum I am a very happy Jag owner once again. I also thank the other members for their contributions. Regards Keith
  2. UPDATE 24th Jan 2019. I have now removed, cleaned and replaced both MAF sensors but the fault code P0404 remains. I can clear the fault code but it comes back immediately, including the Restricted Performance light and message resulting in a lack of power when accelerating. So far I have *Had the car serviced, (oil, filter, air filter, pollen filter & fuel filter) *replaced the battery *Used Wynn's EGR cleaner (3 x cans) into the air intake *Cleaned the MAP sensor *Cleaned both MAF sensors Having now 'exhausted' all of my own efforts to trace the P0404 fault to some other cause other than a faulty EGR valve, I am now referring the problem to Carl for replacement EGR valves and have left him a message.
  3. Hi Peter, that's excellent news. I'll ring him. Kind regards Keith
  4. Hi Peter, Ha ha! If only I could put my 'tool kit' away for good but finances dictate that I keep going. I am very grateful for your continued advice and assistance with this issue. I have also had 'gearbox fault' come up on several occasions, especially when the car is driven from cold. As I have gone alone, using the Wynn's EGR cleaner spray and also the Millers Diesel Power EcoMax additive, also cleaning the MAP sensor (which was very 'gunged' up) the car has become smoother and smoother and the gearbox fault hasn't recurred. I did not know that P0404 refers to the left side EGR (drivers side) as this is not shown in the icarsoft i930 information. This is what was leading me to believe the fault may actually be elsewhere, ie the MAF or MAP sensors or perhaps the EGR sensor itself. I don't suppose either of us for one minute imagined that you would need to have your car 'sorted out' before mine and I feel somewhat guilty that I could benefit from your misfortune as you are in effect guiding my path to clarifying the fault with my own car. I intend to keep my S Type 2.7 as it is by far the best car I have ever owned. I shall therefore be rectifying the issue, whatever it may be. Good luck for the diagnosis and thanks again Regards Keith
  5. Thank you Peter. I have previously tried 'tapping' both EGR valves with a small hammer and tube, just in case either was 'stuck' but there was no change afterwards. I find thing so confusing when the datastream on my icarsoft i930 shows EGR 0 and EGR 1. I have no idea which is Left or Right and which side of the car that is supposed to be. It would be great if someone with a fully functioning 2.7 S Type posted their datastream readings so they could be compared to a faulty EGR reading. I ran a test yesterday and recorded the EGR datastreams. My results were as follows. Difference between EGR set point and actual = fluctuates between -0.06% and 0.18% EGR set point is fixed at 7.25% EGR controller Deviation for EGR 0 = -5% EGR controller Deviation for EGR 1 = fluctuates between -4.86% to -5.00% I also noted the MAF reading MAF sensor A frequency = 7g/s MAF sensor B frequency = 11g/s I don't expect you to reply to these reading Peter, I'm just posting them in case they may assist someone else. Kind regards Keith.
  6. Hi Peter, Many thanks for that info. Is the 'LEFT' side as you look at the car from the front (ie drivers side) or from inside the car (ie passengers side?) Regards Keith
  7. Hi Peter, Many thanks for the continued support. I will be very interested to hear the result of Carl's assessment. I have not found any information online to state that P0404 means that one of the EGR valves is not working at all but if correct, this could be the end of my 'searching' to establish the cause of my P0404 RP problem. There seem to be numerous forum stories of EGR related codes but alas, no follow up entries to confirm the cause. Many thanks again Regards Keith
  8. UPDATE 20th Jan 2019 Having removed and cleaned the MAP sensor ( a very easy procedure) the fault code P0404 remains, although the car seems to run a little smoother yet again. All of my attempts to remedy the Restricted Performance fault code P0404 have so far failed but all have improved the running of the car. I have also used a can of Wynn's Extreme EGR cleaner (sprayed directly into the air intake with the air filter removed first) but the P0404 code remains, I can clear the code with the Icarsoft i930 but it returns immediately. Next procedure will be to replace both MAF sensors.
  9. Hi Peter, Thank you very much for this information. I hope it all goes well. I may well need to call on Carl myself soon. Regards Keith
  10. Hi Peter, I am very sorry to hear that you too have similar problems with your 2.7 S Type. I'm grateful for you sharing this info with me. I expect Carl will verify these faults before he replaces the EGR valves on your car, just in case it is the MAF faults affecting the EGR sensors.(I am an optimist aren't I ?) I shall be away on holiday from Thursday so will not be updating until I get back and have had a chance to swap out the MAF sensors on my car. I'm rather hoping my fault is just MAF sensors...if not I'm likely to be in the same boat as yourself. Oh well, at least we know our cars are worth it. Thanks you again and I hope all goes well with your car. Regards Keith
  11. An update re my continuing efforts to discover the cause of fault code P0404 and the lack of power. I have not yet spoken to a specialist as I have been busy reading through numerous forum posts on these symptoms and similar symptoms and am keen to see if I can find the cause of the problem without spending too much money - something I assume we all prefer to do. To recap. My S Type 2.7 2007 model continually shows the RP light on and the car has no power, as if the turbos just won't kick in (I do not for one moment suspect the turbos to be at fault - it just feels like that) Fault Code P0404 (EGR Control - Circuit Range / Performance) was present. The 2.7 has two EGR valves, one on either side of the engine. Apart from the the obvious EGR valve potentially being at fault (either of both of them as P0404 does not refer to a specific EGR) I have noticed on a few forum posts that owners have had similar symptoms when they have had a faulty MAF sensor. The 2.7 has 2 x MAF sensors, an upper (A) and a lower (B) housed in a split tube layout running directly from the air filter housing box behind the coolant radiator. To test the MAF sensors I have used my icarsoft i930 code reader and accessed the live data stream information relating to airflow through both MAF sensors but it does not show the individual sensor readings. This is overcome by dividing the total reading by two for an approximate 50/50 reading. With the engine at idle, my reading for the total of both MAF sensors is 24.50 g/s (+ or - a bit as it fluctuates). I read on another forum post that each MAF should be showing around 6 g/s so the total should read around 12 g/s.!!!!! To test each MAF individually, I simply disconnected the top MAF (bank A) wiring and the data stream reading showed 11.03 g/s using just Bank B On replacing the top ( bank A) wiring and removing the bottom MAF (bank B) wiring I had a reading of 9.16 g/s from Bank A I tried driving the car with the separate MAF's disconnected and then with both MAF's disconnected and the RP light stayed on throughout and the lack of power was still present HOWEVER, the P0404 EGR code was NOT present and did not recur at any time. Hoorayyy!!! (The MAF codes P0100 (Bank A) and P010A (Bank B) were present when the two MAF's were disconnected. I assume these codes will also cause the RP light to come on because the P0404 EGR code did not show up) but the RP light was on throughout and the lack of power remains. From these tests I assume that the EGR fault code P0404 is being caused by the MAF readings being excessive, either separately or jointly, sending an incorrect signal to the EGR valve that then tries to adjust itself to compensate. I have now ordered two replacement (used) MAF sensors to test my theory and will update again once these have been fitted. Please chip in if my assumptions are wrong and feel free to correct any stage as my intention is to share as much as possible. Many forum posts give the symptoms of a problem and subsequently show various opinions as to how to correct the problem but then fail to show the results, so we can't learn from them.
  12. Hi Peter, Thank you so much for your reply. I would be most grateful for his contact details please 🙂 Regards Keith
  13. Hi Peter, Thanks for your reply. I have heard numerous good reports re Terraclean, however I think it very misleading on some I've seen to suggest that the process can clean an EGR valve. My understanding now is that their 'solution' burns within the compression cycle so none would be left to do anything to the EGR valve on it's way out. My email to them was a hopeful one, perhaps expecting some encouraging remarks re their special egr cleaning technique I've seen advertised but as you can see, there was no mention of it in their reply. I have been using Millers Diesel Power EcoMax additive for a hundred or so miles and it does seem to be a little smoother, however it has made no difference to the P0404 code that keeps returning as soon as the engine gets warm and the lack of power (restricted performance) remains. Oh well, I suppose I now need to take my S Type 2.7 to an independent Jaguar specialist for their assessment and probably then a replacement pair of EGR valves. I'll update on any progress come the new year.
  14. Having considered trying the Terraclean option to see if it would clean my EGR valve(s) I've just had the following response from a nearby Terraclean authorised company. I believe this suggests that their process will not effectively clean an EGR valve. I have no idea how effective it may be on other parts of the engine and fuel intake section but with this response I won't be taking up the option. "Thank you for your enquiry regarding Terraclean We can offer this service for both petrol and diesel vehicles prices are below : Up to 2l petrol :£111 Over 2l petrol £129 Up to 2l diesel £117 Over 2l diesel but up to 4l £135 over 4l ring for price all prices include vat To book an appointment or for more information please call us and we will be happy to assist you further If you have fault codes relating to a possible egr fault you would be better getting is diagnosed first as a Terraclean may not help if the EGR is faulty and that may need replacing/ taking off and cleaning before a Terraclean would be of benefit"
  15. If anyone should be following this or have similar problems in the future, I will catalogue my efforts to rectify this problem as I go along, choosing the cheapest options first. 1. Have used 2 full cans of EGR valve cleaner sprayed into the air intake. Initially the car responded in the way it said on the can, ie, the rpm increased with each short spray, however toward the end of the second tin the engine rpm stopped increasing. The info' on the tin states that if the engine rpm does NOT increase when spraying the mixture into the air intake, stop the procedure and consult your workshop!! (I have emailed Wynn's asking what this may mean) 2. Millers Diesel Power Ecomax added to fuel, 2 x 50ml 3. Car has been serviced, engine oil and filter (in case oil has been diluted), fuel filter and air filter (pollen filter too). so far, the car feels smoother but still lacks power and despite clearing the P0404 fault code with the Jaguar specific Icarsoft i930, the code returns as son as the engine gets warm. Having read numerous online reports of EGR problems, my car seems to lack the black smoke and rough idling symptoms.