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  1. Hi Ross, Thanks for the post. Very interesting content and food for thought. I still have the starting problem with my 2007 2.7 albeit not as bad as before. In warmer weather it still takes longer than it used to but in the cold weather it is far worse. I may try to get the glow plugs tested in situ and go from there. Take care Keith
  2. Hi Justin, Thanks for the post. Yes, I had to drop the diff' to allow sufficient room to remove and replace the actuator. It is fiddley to remove but does come out. Let me know when you intend to do yours as I have some photos I can share if you wish. Regards Keith
  3. Hi, Welcome. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I fear you may well be disappointed at the response to your car sale price. The low mileage, if accompanied with a full service history, is sure to get you a higher price than usual but still I fear you are only likely to achieve around the £2500 mark. I hope I am wrong (as I have a 2007 2.7 SE) but recent sales on Ebay and similar sales platforms show winning bids of less than £2K for average cars. All the very best with the sale. Keith
  4. Thanks Joe. I eventually managed to get the old actuator out but it was quite awkward and required some colourful metaphors! I had to come back to this forum to check what others have said as I thought maybe I was reading the directions incorrectly. The actuator did come out of the passenger side (uk left) following the path of the actuator cable. It needed much twisting and turning to find the path out. Just a tip for anyone doing this job on their own car, when putting the actuator back in, I found it easier to tape a stiff wire to the electrical connector and then feed that stiff wire back through the correct path first, then pull the actuator connection wires through. This prevents the electrical connector wires from becoming twisted around the actuator or getting snagged as you move the actuator around trying to pull and push the replacement back in. One of the most awkward parts to this job is getting the brake cables disconnected from the 'joiner' situated behind the wheel well. They rust and need lost of releasing fluid and wire brushing to loosen them off. Sometimes the plastic cover coating of the brake cable gets damaged when holding the cable with pliers or grips, exposing the bare metal cable so I painted these areas with enamel brake paint to prevent rust returning. REASON FOR REPLACING ACTUATOR - The cable that runs directly from the actuator is the reason I had to replace the whole shebang. The cable protective covering had been rubbed away against the body and the cable had rusted and snapped. I had the fault message ' Cannot Apply Park Brake' and the faulty code C1802. New rear pads fitted whilst I was at it. Park brake re calibration procedure followed. Job done. Relieved man.
  5. Now having problems getting the disconnected Actuator out - does it follow the path of the cable or does it have to come out somewhere else?
  6. Hi, You may need to find someone with a Jaguar specific code reader who can hook it up and see what codes are displayed.
  7. Thanks Joe. I'm not looking forward to tackling this job!! Keith
  8. Hi, My 2007 S Type 2.7 has recently displayed the fault message 'Parking Brake Cannot Be Applied'. (Fault Code C1802) After checking brake calipers and changing pads etc, I discovered it is a broken cable. The broken cable is not the drivers side or the passenger side brake cable, but appears to come directly from the Actuator situated over the rear differential. Now, here is the question.....can that cable (from the actuator) be replaced and if so how does it attach to the actuator, or, does this require a replacement actuator together with attached cable? (My S Tye has been a challenge recently but still worth keeping)
  9. Hi Peter, thanks for the reply to my post. I had a new battery a few months ago and regularly use Millers Eco Plus but it is still hard to start, I now have an additional problem in that the electronic parking brake (EPB) cannot be applied - I've tried the usual reset (battery disconnect) and also by disconnecting the two multi plugs into the EPBCM (control Module) but to no avail. The handbrake will not apply (Code C1802) so I'm now working on that as well. I suspect a seized rear caliper. I love my S Type 2.7 and it is certainly keeping me busy lately!! Keith
  10. Hi Ross, Initially yes. I read that poor fuel filters can clog up quickly and I checked back on my records for my car and found that I had bought a 'no name' (unknown source and make) fuel filter that came with a service kit bought from Ebay. Although it had only been on the car for less than one year and had done just 4k miles, I replaced it with a FRAM filter and the car started much quicker. Since then the car seems to start quicker that it did but still take rather longer to start than it should.
  11. UPDATE - FIXED Replaced switch (stalk) with a used one. All OK. Problem solved.
  12. Thank you Joe for the prompt response. Fingers crossed it'll cure it. I'll update when the stalk has been replaced. Regards Keith
  13. My 2007 S Type 2.7 has developed a fault whereby the main beam headlights come on when I use the indicators. This is day or night and makes no difference whether the dipped beam lights are on or off. It started a year or two ago but began with just the occasional 'sticky' main beam - ie, they didn't go off if I used the 'flash' - so had to be flicked on and off with the main beam stalk to get them to go off again. This problem has developed recently into a potentially dangerous problem in that whenever I use the indicator stalk, the main beam comes on and can't be switched off again by using the stalk - the stalk moves and clicks as usual but the main beam stays on. Other driver may misinterpret this as a sign to go ahead and turn in front of me or pull out in front of me or even a sign of anger on my part. I have ordered a replacement stalk (used) and hope to change it in the next day or so and will keep this topic updated if the problem is solved. Has anyone else had this problem and how did they manage to rectify it?