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  1. Thanks for the welcome. I am delighted to find there is an owners club. About time as I am on my fifth jag at the moment and never thought to look before.
  2. Hi,  I am a new member.  I have 2016 XF Portfolio and doing much less driving than normal.  I frequently have the warning "low battery please start engine"  which I have done for the odd half hour but there must be a way I can just charge the battery as I would any other car - without taking the battery out of the car that is.  Anyone know the answer please?


    1. Frank Andrews

      Frank Andrews

      I tried contacting my local Jaguar showroom who eventually told me to follow the handbook!  No use at all but anyway I have removed the spare wheel, found the battery, actually for the first time, and charged it up without any unwanted side effects that I can see.  Don't know why I was anxious.

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