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  1. Thanks for your comments guys, just to update, I put my meter back on the battery cold (both batteries) and they both show 12.3-12.4 v present, I then idled the car for 10 mins, checked again and got readings of 14.8v on both, I then pulled off the battery by way of lights wipers and heater, checked again and got 14.8v again, do I conclude my battery and alternator are healthy? My diagnostic print out shows ABS fault “ permanent “ among the many other historic and intermittent codes so as per big John’s comment above I’m going to focus there, should have my OBD2 reader tomorrow so I’ll check, record error codes reset and check again, and report back, thanks again guys
  2. Hi Jim thanks for feedback, I’ve just checked my battery cold and it’s pushing 12.4v, then let it idle for bout 10 mins and recorded again at 13,4v, I’m thinking the second reading should be 14.5+? Also I’ve only had my jag since feb, no issues at all , my XF is on a 15 plate and I noticed it’s already got a Halfords start/stop battery fitted, so obviously that’s not a stock battery, so may have had similar issues in the not to distant past, what should my battery be pushing when warmed up and running ? Thx again
  3. Hi guys I got an Amber engine light on last week followed by lots of warning lamps cycling, I got a diagnostic run done by Halfords and it shows (count them!) 56 problems, vast majority are either historic or intermittent but I have 3 permanent, which are parking break control module U0155-0 & U0415-00 TPM, any advice is more than welcome 🙏
  4. Any advice more than welcome 🙏 I to have the amber engine warning light on followed by just about every warning message cycling thro on my dash, I’ve heard the XF is very susceptible to battery issues, I took it for a diagnostic check at halford and ended up with 3 pages of intermittent faults, also when these warning messages come on my jag wants to shut down and sticks in drive mode and won’t let me set to park until I switch it off for a while (5 mins) also have an audible warning. Checked the battery and I notice it isn’t a factory fitted battery, it’s a Halfords AGM 019 battery so I’m think my car is 5 1/2 years old and has already had a replacement battery, any idea where I go from here pls? Do I get another battery 🤷🏻‍♂️, if so what is best money can buy for my XF? Help
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