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  1. 'Problem' sorted! The bodyshop guy had forgotten to reconnect it after doing the work - why was it even disconnected?!
  2. I've just had my 2006 3.0l V6 driver's side wing changed, because of rot! But when I got it back I found that none of the switches in the driver's door switchpack (windows, wing mirrors, seat memory) are working. I was wondering whether it was a fuse/relay in the engine compartment fuse box. If so, which one? Mick
  3. Hi Brian, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, as I mentioned in my post, I've already tried replacing the control box, with no luck! Mick
  4. About 6 months ago I started getting the dreaded 5 second beep and warning light on the overhead console when I put my 2006 3.0l S-type into reverse, and of course no warnings of close objects. The front ones continue to work fine. I tried checking the sensors after turning the ignition to position ll and putting the gear lever into reverse, but not a sound. So I replaced the control box but no luck. I've been waiting to get it into my local garage for them to have a look at it, then last week when reversing in a car park I lost the overhead light and got warning sounds! Since then it's been intermittent, sometimes when I start up and go into reverse there's no beep or light, sometimes there is. I assume that there's a connection problem, but where? Any advice would be appreciated. Mick
  5. Thanks for that Jim. I've been thinking about a code reader for a while, just not sure which type, a wired one or bluetooth 🤔
  6. On my 2006 3.0 V6 S Type I've suddenly lost my rear parking aid sounds, but not the front! Is this the parking aid module in the boot, or the sensors? I've done a quick check of the sensors by turning the ignition on, but engine off, then putting the car into reverse and listening to the sensors, but no noise. Is it possible that a module would only affect the reverse sensors? If I need to change the module I guess that I'll need to bear in mind that a new one would need to be suitable for both front and rear sensors. Any advice? Mick
  7. Don't panic! The, obvious, answer came to me in the middle of the night - of course the light was on, the brake/clutch was being used to control movement! 🤨
  8. I had some new tyres put on my 2006 3.0l V6 S Type today. When the car was being reversed off the ramp I noticed that the high level brake lights were on at the same time. A bit later I was reversing into a space near some windows and saw the same thing. Is this normal? Any help/advice gratefully received! Mick
  9. Hi John, Thanks for the update, I'll definitely be doing that shortly. Where did you get them from? Good luck with your other issues! Mick
  10. Hi John, Have you changed the bulbs yet, and if so are they worth it? I'm thinking of doing the same myself. What about the full beams? Mick
  11. In the end I went with a UGREEN holder that has an additional stabiliser, https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B085987BG7/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_8NEE8SM1ANVB05JPS9B1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 It seems OK at the moment, just need to give it a long, twisty, run! Thanks for your advice. Mick
  12. My main concern is that I have a Galaxy S20 Ultra, with a case, which I think is bigger and heavier than the Pixels. I can't say that I'm too worried about having wireless charging, just a stable platform! Mick
  13. Thanks for that Richard. Just how stable is it on the vents, and will I need a QC 3.0 adaptor, as shown in the product description? Mick
  14. Hi Jim, I'll email to see if they can help. Thanks Mick
  15. Frank - How do I get a discount at Halfords, do I just mention the club? Jim - The trouble with that website is that they only show a 2012 disc for the Denso system in the S-Type! Thanks both
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