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  1. Graham Welcome to the Forum/Club and to the wonderful world of Jaguar ownership. When you mention local Jaguar Dealer I do not know whom you are referring to, but there is an independent Jaguar specialist in Somerset trading by the name of Swallows Jaguar. They may be cheaper to deal with than a Jaguar Main Dealer. I also know , only too well , what you mean by spending money on an S-Type. Beat Wishes and Regards, John
  2. Joe Many thanks for the info and advice. I will have a look and see if I can find the adjusters as a starting point. Regards and Best Wishes, John
  3. Joe Please excuse my being somewhat off topic but: Have recently acquired a Toyota Avensis T-Spirit (2012 Generation 3). Being a T-Spirit it has self levelling HID headlights. The dipped beam , in my opinion is set rather low. There is very little illumination from dipped beam. Full beam is like driving in full summer daylight. What confuses me is "self levelling". This must be judged from a set datum point somewhere/somehow, and I know not where or how. Is it possible to adjust the self levelling lights manually. If I were to take to an MOT station and ask them to run a headlight level check on their beam setting equipment and it proved to be incorrect, could they manually adjust the level/s. The car was MOT`d some 8 weeks ago with no problems or advisories. Not that I would always accept that the test was perfectly actioned and that nothing was overlooked by the judgement of an individual. The other point is that I have read that HID lights can deteriorate after years of use. I read that the deterioration can be 6-8 years. The car has done some 86,000 miles and I have no idea if the bulbs have ever been replaced. Noting the price of them (from Toyota @ £114.00 per bulb, which is £228 for a pair, I somehow doubt it). Still prefer driving the S-Type , although the Avensis being a 2.0 Litre Diesel does prove much more economical. The Toyota just is not as comfortable a ride as the S-Type. Your expert opinion and advice would be very appreciated. Best Wishes and Regards, John
  4. Just had to look up what PITA means ................ sign of getting old, which can also be PITA. Best Wishes and Regards, John
  5. Michael Welcome to the forum and enjoy your Jaguar experience. Would not wish to suggest what you should do yourself as I am not aware of what mechanical experience you have. Good Luck, Best Wishes and Regards, John
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