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  1. I'm sorry my post is so long, but I have a situation with my 2010 XK 5.0 Portfolio and would appreciate your thoughts on the situation and any advice you may have. I bought my XK in Jan this year, a 91k mileage car but with full service history with Stratstone to 80k and indipendant thereafter. I had looked at several and this was the quietest engine and the best condition car with the best history, which is why I bought it. Anyway, after covering just 580 miles over the next 2 months, one morning as I pulled away from my house, I got the red triangle warning on my dash and the "Restricted Performance" warning, however the car drove unchanged. I stopped the car, turned off the engine and re-started, but the engine managment light stayed on and I contined on my short journey with no issues. The next time I drove the car, 2 days later there were no warnings and the engine management light had gone off and I drove the car for the next week without any issue, then after about 8 days the exact same thing happened again with the Restricted Performance warning, so I called my local jaguar specialist ( https://www.thejagspecialist.com) and booked it in to be checked. I should add that I bought my car from a dealer approximately 110 miles away (https://www.reissjames.co.uk/) and as I thought it would just be a sensor or a glitch I thought I would use my local jag specialist. On my visit to the jaguar specialist I got a massive shock when they told me that it would need a full engine strip as the fault was either the cam chain, the VVT's or another related item that I can't quite remember, but either way, the cost would be approximately £3,500! Now the supplying dealer did give me a 3 months RAC warranty, however this only has a claim limit of £2,000 so it was at this point I contacted the supplying dealer, Reisse James, and asked them what my options were, as clearly I should not be expected to pay the difference in the bill after such a short time and so little mileage. Anyway, the dealer decided that they wanted the car back with them so they could assess the car themselves, now I will add that although the fault code was stored in the ECU and wasn't cleared by the jag specialst, the warning or engine management light has never come back on whilst using the car for the next 8-10 days at which point the supplying dealer has now collected the car and has had the car since Friday 8th April. The issue I now have, is that the dealer is saying the car drives fine (which it does) and as the warning hasn't come on for them (although the fault code was stored in the ECU), they do not want to do anything and want to return the car if the fault doesn't show for them. So my problem is, even if the fault did show for the dealer, all it would give them is the same fault code they have already seen on receipt of the car, so why wait for it to re-occure? surely they job that the jag specialist say needs doing, still needs doing? Or is it just a spurious electrical glitch and not a real fault and the jag specialist were just trying to get a £3,500 job from me? When the fault occured and the car was uneffected, my thoughts were that it was just a glitch or a sensor issue, but to then be told by the jag specialist, no it needs a full engine strip to diagnose which of a possible 3 items it was and either way, it would be around £3,500 was shocking. Your thoughts and any advice would be greatly appreciated P.S. I have included a pic of my ODB reader screen too although this is just a basic reader
  2. Does anyone know if the XF space saver wheel and tool kit fits the XK (X150) 2010 5.0 Portfolio? Having just bought my first XK I'm not hgappy with just the compressor kit as a spare and I'm struggling to find an XK space saver and tool kit, butI can see plenty of XF versions available for sale, so I wondered if they were the same Thanks in advance
  3. UPDATE: I am pleased to say that I have put a deposit on a car and I am due to collect it at the end of the week :) A 2010 Portfolio with full history.
  4. I went to buy the 2011 5.0 Portfolio XK with 100k and FSH and took a knowlegable mechanic with me as this was a private sale, unfortunately I didn't end up buying it because after driving it there was a problem..... a noise from the diff above 30mph, which was worse when not under load. When deccelarating from 50-60+ mph it was clear this was (or would be) a future issue. Also on cold start there was quite a timing chain rattle albeit only for a short time, but the diff noise alone was enough for me to walk away from it, wich was a great shame as the car was lovely.....so the search continues
  5. My focus is very much on condition too but also its service history and provenance. I have ruled out so many cars because of 3 and 4 year gaps in the service history despite them being advertised as full history, it's so annoying. Would you guys be put off from buying at proper full history 2011 car with 95k miles in mint condition, or would you prefer to buy a 2007 with 65k with most of the history, if both cars are the same price?
  6. Hi guys, I would appreciate any advice you can offer with my current buying decision. I have been looking for an XK for the last 6-8 weeks and was originally looking at 4.2 litre 2006/2007 model with 60k-70k miles, but I have also been very tempted with a couple of 5.0 2010/2011 models with 93k -100k miles, (both with full jauguar history). I am leaning towards the 5.0 2010/2011 as I will only be putting 3k-4k miles a year on it max, but what would you do and why? Thank you in advance
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