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  1. Hi Ian, my car is also one of the first update models (61 reg). Can you tell me where you obtained the USB update from please.
  2. Thanks for this Colin. There is a felt removable panel on the RH side but that covers a fuse and connector tower. No Dvd. Looks like I'll have to visit the dealers to find out at some exorbitant cost I imagine. Thanks again. Dave
  3. Thanks for the reply Col. My Merc was updated that way but I can't find a Dvd player in the Jag boot or elsewhere and I've had both boot side linings out to wire up a towing facility. I'll try the website that you used. Thanks again Dave
  4. Hi there , I'm a newbie to this club having just swapped my Merc. 270 Cdi for a XF Luxury S facelift model (61 plate). Can anybody tell me how the satnav is updated.and how do I get a memory stick of my music to work in this car. I'm really missing Frank and Ella. Oh and what a fab car I haven't stopped grinning yet........ but soon will do if I can't get the USB gizmo working. Replies in normal English please I'm not good at shorts and anagrams.