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  1. miken


    John I have a gamin dash cam fitted and for £16 a year have uploaded speed cameras works really well and gives really good warnings and is very accurate but you have 2 remember to download new files every couple of months 2 keep it updated with the new cameras but very easy and quick 2 do (it was actually fitted by Halford who did a good job)
  2. miken

    Air Con

    Over a month now and aircon working well after addition of stop leaks, just get halfords or whoever to add can of stopleaks (£19) halfway through recharge. Much cheaper than other options so worth a shot as I said worked well 4 me
  3. miken

    Air Con

    A recharge with a can of stopleaks from halfords cured all my aircon problems
  4. miken

    Instrument panel repair

    Ok sent today should be with you in next couple of days, hop it sorts your problem out, postage was £5.50. My paypal is mikenicholson467@gmail.com many thanks mike
  5. miken

    Instrument panel repair

    Will post on monday do u have a paypal account?
  6. miken

    Instrument panel repair

    Hi yes I have 2 of the clusters from a previouse project, one is from a pre face lift s type and fully working and one from a face lift model with a dodgy fuel guage you are most welcome to one or both, as I said pm me the address and I will forward to you.
  7. miken

    Instrument panel repair

    I have 2 you can have if you are prepared to pay the postage, pm me with the address and I will get them 2 you
  8. miken

    Fuel gauge not reading correctly

    Hi had the same problem when I had my s type turned out to be the guage. Best option was to replace the complete binical but will require compleating with sdd software. Hope this helps tom
  9. Just checked and camera shuts down when leaving car and doors locked, as so do all auxiliary systems such as ipod ect, so thay cam fit to any spare fuze Cheers mike
  10. Sorry not sure which fuze , but sure he said it was a spare one, and it defenatly switches off after egnition switched off and car locked, ask the fitter to contact the mansfield store im prity sure the fitter was a young man called aden or similar, will tyr to see which fuze tomorrow Cheers mike
  11. Funny, halfords fitted my dash cam straight to fuse box, however informed me it would be constantly live and I would havevto switch it off after everv trip, untrue after ignition switched off dashcam shuts down. This was on a 2010 xf so should be same on your cat. It would seem thay are not use to fitting on luxury beasts.
  12. miken

    Electronic oil level measure

    Hi mal, had the same problem make sure engine warm and you are on level ground and it should work ok
  13. miken

    Sat nav reading dvd check in process

    Hi jon Try removing the disc with engine runn ing and replace it worked gor me
  14. miken

    How on earth do I do that?

    Hi paul Try publisher you can set your own diameters for paper size and set as a template, to cut and paste your word and pdf files in to it,
  15. miken

    boot lid open warning

    Thanks karl, it goes back 2 morrow for work on air con, still under warranty so thay can sortiit Cheers mike