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  1. After hair dryer treatment you can clean the area with a toffee wheel atachment on your drill (amazon)
  2. Are u using i g a USB 3 stick, anything less and it won't download
  3. Just replaced boot lid loom, just in time as it had been badly refurbished in the past surprised how easy it was to complete problem now fixed reversing lines back
  4. Cost me £85 to have the instrument binical paired to the car and millege corrected At local indi
  5. You may find it's the guage it's self that's at fault experienced same problem the solution was to replace entire binical with a secondhand unit around £40 from ebay and another 40 to have correct milage reset a lot heaper fix
  6. Have u attempted setting vents to always open
  7. Don't know which fuse it goes 2 but camera should fully shut down when car is locked and start up on entry just leave car 4 a short time to check. It takes about a minute to fully shut down on mine it confused Halfords fitters who thought it would be live constantly but trust me after locking car and watching through back window it will shut down
  8. miken


    John I have a gamin dash cam fitted and for £16 a year have uploaded speed cameras works really well and gives really good warnings and is very accurate but you have 2 remember to download new files every couple of months 2 keep it updated with the new cameras but very easy and quick 2 do (it was actually fitted by Halford who did a good job)
  9. miken

    Air Con

    Over a month now and aircon working well after addition of stop leaks, just get halfords or whoever to add can of stopleaks (£19) halfway through recharge. Much cheaper than other options so worth a shot as I said worked well 4 me
  10. miken

    Air Con

    A recharge with a can of stopleaks from halfords cured all my aircon problems
  11. Ok sent today should be with you in next couple of days, hop it sorts your problem out, postage was £5.50. My paypal is mikenicholson467@gmail.com many thanks mike
  12. Will post on monday do u have a paypal account?
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