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  1. Still loving the XF B) Had the speakers in the rear doors changed for Rockford Fosgate ones by a local Audio place as on of them was knackered and making some horrid noises
  2. Young drivers can tow, as long as the train weight does not exceed 3.5 tonnes and the trailer weight does not exceed the towing vehicle weight, this limits them to about 1.25 tonnes, which is a small caravan
  3. As a caravanner of 20+ years, its not very often that I am the cause of a hold-up, although I must say there are occassions when it does happen and it does upset me when I am holding up traffic. Such as yesterday morning returning from Norfolk to Esssex, the road was so udulating that it just was not feasible to travel at over 35mph with a caravan in tow, I did look for opportunities to pull over and let them pass but I never found a place. I blame Norfolk County Council as no sooner did we pass the "You are entering Suffolk" sign than the roads smoothed out and I could increase the speed. T
  4. Hi Gary and welcome. Personally I would not consider one of the plug in chips, but I may consider a remap. I had a bad experience with a plug in chip. We only got our XF (3.0 Diesel) a couple of weeks ago, the previous car was an Audo TT 1.8 Turbo, we had that remapped and it absolutely transformed it :) We also have a Kia Sorento Diesel and that has been remapped and also showed significant improvement. The mapper who did our Sorento and TT says he has done quite a few 3.0 Diesel jags and they drive better afterwards, but I am reluctant, for starters we have a years Jaguar warranty
  5. Sounds like a fuel pump problem
  6. Thanks for that Trevor.....I never thought to actually read the email
  7. Am I permitted to leave negative comments about such products?
  8. Getting hacked off with the amount of emails I get from this forum, can anyone tell me how to turn off email notifications please? I could change my email address to an invalid or unused one, or I could set up my email to send emails from here to spam, but then I would miss out on important updates.
  9. Nice looking car and I like the number plate :)
  10. Took the XF out for its first decent run (other than the 30 miles home from the dealer) probably did about 90 miles round trip, like Peter says it just gets better :)
  11. :D This sounds like a win-win situation.......everyone round to Peters for his birthday celebrations and we get to drive Jaguars to the Midlands :)
  12. .....we renewed our vows last year at 30 years of marriage, just a good excuse for a party :)
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