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  1. Dal

    Air Con

    Hi Dino, You fall into this large percentage of people that think air conditioning is only for summer, it should be getting used all year round nice and hot at xmas. Also the car will loose a small percentage of gas a year. Dave.
  2. Hi guys, this is my motor take heed !!! 3.0 s full service history only 74,214 last service 61,878 all local machanics don't want to know, Strastone want £18,000 for a new engine 🤣🤣🤣 lost all confidence in my car gutted. IMG_1975.MOV
  3. Hi Paul and welcome, i have a very slight humming noise in my car 2011 3.0d S. premium that has baffled jaguar, the thing is with my car it only happens when it's really cold outside and only at bang on 30 mph 🤔 Jaguar thought it was a faulty pulley wheel and replaced it along with the timing belt etc but it never cued the problem. They aventually but it down to a resinence acoustic noise that is just there with the car !! I've owned the car five years now and it's perfect love it. If this sounds familiar to you I hope it's helped. Regards Dave
  4. Dal

    Boot lid

    Hi Matt, Mine does the same just clicks open, always has, some say the extra weight from the spoiler doesn't help. cheers.
  5. Dal

    Boot lid

    Hello stranger hope your well Allan, have a look at picture it's mad. Dave
  6. Dal

    Boot lid

    Thanks for replying laz, yes boot works fine, nothing happens just feel a bit of resistance on cable, might be a different story if I locked myself in the boot and give a pull, chances are it would open, it feels like that's what it's going to do. The thing is if my car has been repaired to spec it shouldn't be there. regards Dave
  7. Dal

    Boot lid

    Hi all, just had car returned from a so called jaguar repair body shop following a serous rear end collision, apart from a whole issue of other things that I have on going with the repair I've noticed a small cable hanging pathetically on the underside of the boot lid that resembles something from a child's bike brake cable with a small nipple on the end that I can only assume is some sort of internal release. The thing is it wasn't there before !!!! Can anyone shine some light, is it from the American market ? 2011 xf s premium 3.0 diesel. Thanks dave
  8. Dal


    Hi, I have to thank Jaguar Strastone Newcastle and in particular Mr Steve Dixon the service manager, for the efficient and professional way they looked after me and my vehicle whilst having a new alternator fitted. I have to be totally honest and say that a Jaguar dealer for a replacement alternator was definitely not at the top of my list, but to my total surprise especially having changed these myself over the years, I had three independent garages telling me that they had never changed one before and it would be a very time consuming and therefore a very costly job and the vehicles computers and monitoring systems would probably need recalibrated at Jaguar in any event. The price was very competitive but most of all it was the feeling that my car was totally in the right place after hearing so much negative feedback from the other garages, it was returned with I full valet and every system just seemed more responsive and correct, things like the electronic hand brake before hand the car would like rock when you took your foot of the brake but now it's solid, the touch screen seems brighter, it's the hole car just feels great. I think what I've learnt from this is that there's some jobs know matter how good other garages are that need doing by the book by the right guys with the proper equipment. Regards all Dave
  9. Dal

    Boot open display

    Hi My theory is chafing and it seems to take roughly five years to do it's damage, I made a small slit in the boot down the seam to just let the wires breath, it's working a treat, I can keep an eye on them every time I go in the boot, at the end of the day I'am the only one that uses it and it's a simple fix if I sell the car on. Regards Dave.
  10. Dal

    Boot open display

    Hi Geoff, Yes it's a bit fiddly and awkward but hey' that's Jaguar for you, they don't make anything easy. As for those connectors I just bought them from Halfords they do all sizes. regards Dave
  11. Dal

    Brake Pads

    Hi Mark, Am loving that Australian version for drilled / vented discs 😀 I must admit a nearly went for the those pads but thought they we're more track day. Good call on you doing the calipers at the same time must look really smart. Dave.
  12. Dal


    Hi Joe, Thanks for your response, I think what I'd really like to hear is from someone who's done three years are so on motorways and has never had the DPF warning sign up. regads Dave
  13. Dal


    Hi all, Can I just ask a question regarding the DPF, I've just cleared mine again doing the usual 50-70 mph for twenty minutes thing, but I would like to know if you motor way drivers ever see this warning message ? I would like to think not but would be interested. Regards Dave Sent from my iPad
  14. Dal

    Brake Pads

    (XF 3.0d S premium luxury)Hi all,I've just had a full set of brake pads and new sensors fitted after getting the brake pad low indicator displayed on dash, so I thought I would let you in on a few facts and figures related to my car.Firstly the warning indicator came up about two weeks ago, the car has covered just over 25,000 mile since last pad change. After doing some serious home work on the web I decided to go with EBC pads costing £63.00 with vat. The sensors, one on the front and one on rear are those items that might not need replacing but it pays to do it at the same time, I got these from my local motorist store at only £6.00 each, jaguar wanted £35.00 each. The job was done by my local garage for £60.00. I'am not sure how the sensors work but the pads only had a few millimetres of wear left on so I was pleased I managed to get it booked in when I did. I've just checked Jaguars fixed prices for this job at £340 that's if they don't find anything else wrong while there under the car !!!!! So that's a nice little saving that I might spend on the wife's Xmas box ! if I've bored you I apologise if I've helped you I'am happy all the best Dave.Sent from my iPad
  15. Hi all, Just thought I'd let you know about a problem that I had with my car today. The wife returned from a shopping trip informing me that the boot open warning message was on the dash, even though it was clearly closed, and also the car wouldn't lock. I googled the problem and it appears to be a common fault on the XF that the separate wires running through the loom from the car to the boot lid with constant bending begin to snap. Sure enough after pulling back the corigated rubber to reveal about a dozen fine wires,one was broken and another on its way. I used a couple of crimping connectors to join the wires and it now works perfect. Jaguar are aware of the problem but will still charge around £150.00 In one respect i was quite fortunate because the downside is all the wires are black and if two are three had snapped it would of been a job trying to pair them back up. cheers Dave.