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  1. Hi Adam, Has the car been not been used for a long time? if so could possibly be the fuel, which would need to drain the tank and put new fuel in. But there could be other reasons, did the car sound strong when turning the key over, check the common reasons for not starting, or get a mobile mechanic just to check the car over. Just to add if the car has not been used for a long time, could be an idea to change all the other fluids, oil, brake etc, good luck.
  2. Hi John, IIf the problem was not there before putting the car in the garage, then although the part may be new, but might be faulty, I would say this would be for the garage to repair at their expense, unless can be proven it is nothing to do with the work that was done, I would contact the dealer and say that the problem was not there before, did the garage check the glow plugs and leas? Good luck, I hope the dealer does it for you free of charge. Regards Alan
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