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  1. Has anyone else had this ... 2004 XK8 convertible. Both key fobs transmit (tested) but neither will unlock the car. When placed in the lock and turned to the left the keys don't open the roof at all. The keys will unlock the car but I have to place the key in the ignition to disable the alarm (of course) which will start to sound. I had a new car battery in February (Mutlu 075 Series 2 Car 12V 60Ah 540A (SAE) 510 A) which is in excellent nick .... I have just completed a 3000 mile trip across France and Italy so it's well charged. I've had the car in the garage for a week and my mechanic says the control unit seems to be OK and functions within the car and both keys transmit but as I say don't appear to connect to the unit. I've also had a locksmith security expert (huh!!!) who couldn't diagnose the problem. There are no codes showing. Any idea guys?
  2. Just completed a high speed 350+ mile trip from south west France, got all the way to the shopping centre close to home and smelt burning. Lifted the bonnet and found flames coming out of the wiring just behind the engine, drivers side. I poured a pint of milk over the area (all I could think of) to douse the flames and left the bonnet open for 30 minutes, then fired up the X Type ... the battery light was on, no other consequences (so far). The sheathing was burned off, I wrapped it in insulating tape and drove home. The wire doesn't appear to be connected to anything ... but that could be because it burned off. X Type 2.2 Diesel Est. I can assure you I was very shaken ... only pleased it happened after I had parked up. Can anybody tell me what the wire is please (big circle ... small circle my insulating tape)? The second image shows the cable after taping. Any help appreciated. Problem is, I can't find what it attaches to!!!
  3. OK, I have a similar problem, the key fob works sometimes, and sometimes not. I hardly ever use the spare key and I have the same issue with it. I cannot find a pattern, both now have new batteries but have the same problem. The spare key I only use when the car goes into the garage, and have done since new, so why would it need reprogramming? Very odd. Would appreciate any feedback.
  4. Need a bit of help ....the cap on my coolant reservoir unscrews part way and then just goes round and round. Is there some kind of trick to it? There is nothing listed in the manual. Just about to drive down to France, I always carry a can in the car just in case but have never needed it before, level is down to just under the min level, so need to top it up. Any comments will be helpful. Its a 2005 X Type diesel estate 2.2 (missed this out, just added it fool that I am) Steve
  5. Hi ... I have a driven many miles in France and the continent over the past few years but never put any blanking tape over the headlights as I reckoned the lowest setting was enough. However, I have learned that drivers are now being prosecuted for not applying the tape to their dip beams. I have no problem doing this as it is the law there ... and I can see why. But the question is where does the tape go on my X Type and/or my XK8? There is no area marked out on the headlights as on other marques of car that I've owned in the past. Any information about this would be useful. Thanks Steve Young
  6. I stupidly tried to shut the convertible roof while the bag was still over the cover (in my defence I was distracted) not much damage, leather on the bag was torn at the left hand side retaining clip (could have kicked myself, self inflicted problem) .... however, the soft top closed and opened ok so I was not too worried, but the car now wont lock on the remote, the door handle on the passenger side opens and closes continually until the alarm sounds when I try to lock it. I can lock it with the key in the lock but not with the alarm activated. Is there a way to reset the central locking and alarm? I disconnected the battery for about three minutes but made no difference.
  7. Thanks Jim .. very helpful.
  8. Can anyone tell me where to find the colour code for "radiance red" 2004 XK8?
  9. Happy Birthday SteveY!

  10. I used to have one for the QE2 bridge years ago on my old 2002 X type, that worked OK, this doesnt
  11. Can anyone tell me where to stick the electronic toll tag on my 2004 XK8. It is supposed to be placed on the mottled area above the rear view mirror, but the area is completely taken up by the plastic base of the mirror with the wiper sensor etc. It cannot go on the area of the windscreen that is heated. Does anyone else have this problem?
  12. Unfortunately I had pothole induced puncture the morning of the meet, so with one thing and another only made it to Brighton at about 12.30 and I guess most folk had gone by then, in the event I couldn't get any parking along Madeira Drive, so just did a circuit, stopped at one point but had to move on because of the traffic ... even then it took me an hour and a half to get back out on the A27. Maybe I'll make it next year. PS Two new Pirelli P Zero's were the consequence of the day (front and rear driver's side)!
  13. Will be there (all things being equal as they say) in the XK8 ... red, 4.2 2004 convertible, myself and my wife. What time do we meet at Pease Pottage? Steve
  14. Still checking whether I can make it, but will try very hard -- XK8 convertible and X Type 2.2. Steve
  15. Sorry mate my mistake RS AUTOREPAIRS. Rob Squires, 01798 874475 or 07895383024