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  1. I have a 2010 Jaguar XF 250 3.0 L V6 XFS Portfolio. My vehicle has a key fob with a keyless entry proximity system. The front passenger door lock developed a fault whereby the door could not be opened from the outside using the door handle when the vehicle was unlocked, but could be opened this way if you had the proximity key fob in your pocket. It could also still be opened using the pull handle from the inside. I thought I had identified the problem as being a failed solenoid motor in the door latch mechanism having searched online and also being told by Jaguar that I would need a new door latch. This is apparently quite a common fault and I have had to have a replacement door latch on this vehicle previously. This time given the age of the vehicle and mileage (183800 miles) I am loathed to pay main dealer prices for parts and repairs at over £100 + VAT per hour for labour and try to repair what I can. So purchased a replacement door lock mechanism for my model and year from a specialist Jaguar breakers yard who guarantee the parts are in working order. Having replaced my existing mechanism with the replacement part I now find using the key fob that all doors now lock except for the front passenger door which can now be opened using the door handle from the outside, but on doing so sets off the car alarm. So one problem solved, but my car is no longer secure. The replacement of the part was pretty straight forward, if not rather fiddly with having to remove the window and guide rails to get the lock assembly out, but all went back together fine. Can anyone help resolve my problem? Does a particular door lock mechanism have to be re syncronised to the cars central locking system or the system reset perhaps? Any help would be much appreciated. Photo of door latch mechanism replaced is attached.
  2. Can anyone help me with how I remove a rear parcel shelf speaker so I can fit a replacement? It's on a 2010 Jaguar XF 3.0 V6 S Portfolio Deisel. Thanks
  3. Just had exactly the same thing yesterday and in garage being repaired. Hope this is the last of the issues before my extended warranty runs out on my early 2010 ZF approaching 100K miles.