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  1. Thanks peeps! Yes she happy bunny now, I just look at the table unique as it is, can't help shedding a tear......they should be on a car!!! One day! ;)
  2. Hi All. Having owned 3 XJ-S's in the past, and regretting selling them (sniff sob) my Kent alloys that I never got round to putting on the cars have been an eyesore to my other half and just been knocking around the garden, as I can't bear to get rid of them. Other half eventually had enough, so I came up with this compromise! Is this the first Kent alloy patio table? Put a perspex top on it, with one of my shiny new centre caps in the middle, even still got brand new Dunlop tyre on it! The Jag lives on! Robin :D
  3. Hi Guys I have a set of Kent alloys from my old XJ-S and am thinking about buying a 3.2 XJ Sport 1997 would my wheels fit? Would look amazing I think? Regards Robin
  4. Thanks Pete Mine drives fine at mo very smooth, but I am a bit ocd about things (or cdo in the right order) think I will get it done just to be sure! Thanks for your advice! Robin
  5. Hi all. Always a bit suspicious when they say sealed for life? I don't have any leaks or anything under car, and drives fine, but I know these things are expensive if not looked after? Any suggestions? Cheers Robin
  6. Exeter in Devon (PS Do love Scotland tho!)
  7. Was afraid of that! Just saved meself a bucket load with my sparking sensors tho! They wanted £138 just to plug car in and tell me what was wrong, without doing anything! I managed with the aid of Google to do it meself for nothing! Makes me smile!
  8. Hi Stan, yes would save a lot of money......guess can't always trust the internet!
  9. Hi all. My X-Type only came with one key, so did some googling which said that you can reprogramme second hand keys yourself, so i bought a second hand fob from breakers, had a new blade cut, but guess what! Won't programme! Was told to put key in ignition, turn to position 1, then turn to on, repeat four times, wait for a chime and press any button. Am I doing something wrong, or was I led up the garden path?! Any tips welcome, before I take out a second mortgage and visit Jag dealer! Cheers!
  10. Hi Charlie.Thanks have found other comments now! New to the site and just finding my way round! Thanks for replying! Robin
  11. Hi me many problems, so little time! My reversing sensors don't work! I get the 5 second warning tone when putting into reverse, which denotes a fault. could it be a dodgy sensor, or the module? Any ideas guys? Am rather loathe to pay Jaguar to do diagnostics and fix, my chequebook isn't that big!!! Help! Robin
  12. Hi. My CD changer (x type) was jammed, managed to sort it and seems to work fine, but just getting static thru speakers......I know speakers are fine as radio plays ok? Any ideas, or should I just get another changer? Thanks Robin
  13. Hi all. I don't think they would, but would 205/70 R15 Kent alloys fit an x type, currently on 205/55 R16? I have a set that I bought to put on my XJ-S years ago, and never did? Would they look out of place anyway, as suit older Jags? Comments welcome! Regards Robin
  14. Hi Mick....that sucks! Completely agree with you, I have 3 dinks down the side of my x type thanks to these morons! Shame they don't make spaces wider but then they couldn't make so much money as they cram us in like we all own sodding smartcars! long gone are the days of motoring courtesy when you would leave a note on the car saying sorry I'll pay for it! Ha! Regards Robin (equally annoyed) ;-(