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  1. Hi Miken. The likely problem will be in the loom going from boot to the car. Some of the wires are really stressed. As you look into it you will find at least one broke which is why the central locking won't work. This has happened to me twice. You will need 2 crimps and a crimping tool and a piece of wire. And.may be some thing to pass the wire through the loom. Hope this helps and good luck with your repair. Regards. Karl
  2. Thanks Jim. Will give that a go today. I have done about 600 miles since recon fitted. So was hoping that any risidule oil would of burnt. Will give it a clean later today. Thanks for.the reply. Regards Karl
  3. Hi all. I have just had a reconditioned engine fitted and am now getting a smell of burnt oil from air con. When I lift up bonnet it appears to be in front of the steering. Could this be the ancillary pump or something else. If it is the pump. How to top it up/change oil. Perhaps a full oil change? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  4. I don't suppose you could recommend a garage near plymouth. My flexi pipes are leaking gases and don't want to pay stealer ship for a new cat when not nessarry. Karl.
  5. Thanks for the advice Frank. I have had both wheels rebalanced whist changing a rear and a huge difference. Yet another tip in the memory bank . Every time something trivial crops up. Someone always comes up with the correct advice. Many thanks.
  6. Hi guys. My 08 2.7 xf has got a shake going on with the steering wheel. At first there was a bit of play in the front passenger wheel so I have changed the inner and outer part of the track rod arm and then took the car to have the tracking done. The judder is only light but is definitely there. It happens between 50 mph and 70mph. If I do more or less then it is fine. That is also be ween 1600rpm-2000rpm. I can't see any obvious damage to the tyres so am hoping to pick your brains as to the problem. Any ideas would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. zeus

    XF Air Con

    Hi Ian. The other port is tucked under the front passenger wheel arch. Hope that helps
  8. Hi Ken. i have just used a fluke and then gone through each of the 13 pins on the towing socket and i am getting no voltage so it cant be the caravan as it is not getting any power. i have changed the 3 fuses according to the handbook and still no power. i have checked the ommhs of the fuses and they are good. looking at things i have googled, there might be a 7 pin relay with an inline fuse fitted, so i am gonna have to trace that. im not very electrical minded so running out of things i can try before having to go to the garage. i changed fuses on car and caravan hoping it would be somethin
  9. Help!! i have a 13 pin towing socket fitted next to my detachable thule tow bar. the lights on caravan have totally gone. I have changed all the fuses on my car for towing socket. i have bought a new 13 pin to 7 pin towing cable. i have fitted 2 new sockets on caravan towing leads( N and S type).i have changed all fuses in caravan and still nothing. is it my car or caravan. stuck what to check next. any clues woould be gratefull. oh, car is xf 08 2.7d karl
  10. I have just bought my kids 2 built in headrests dvd players. They look awesome and feeding the wire down through the back of the seats was easy. Now for the problem. Each player although linked has a red wire dor a 12v supply and a black wire for earth. Im no sparky and was looking for some advice off you good people☺is there some where close that can do the job. Many thanks karl
  11. zeus

    terra clean

    Petrols will get more power but in turn. Power = more fuel used. Im just happy to look after my engine. Loves my jag i do ( in a devonshire accent) ☺☺
  12. Just had terra clean done. Great results. Ade a journey I've done many times and got extra 6 mpg. At decwnt speeds with hills as well. Thanks members for recommending. More mpg and engine looked after. Winner all round.
  13. Help... Some nice people have smashed into my passenger side mirror and torn it off. I have sourced a new one which should arrive next week. I'm quite happy to go about changing by myself. But if anyone has done this before I'd be nuts not to ask for advice. Cheers.
  14. I now take my 2.7xf for a 20min run every fortnight (I'm a towns driver). First time I had dpf warning I ignored until I googled it. Then I had to take it for a 20 mile run, then a 40 mile run, then another 40 mile run before it cleared. Persevere before paying a dealer to look. Diesel cheaper than they are
  15. I'm a plum. it is now obvious that an LED pack is the whole !Removed! unit and not the 2 bulbs inside the lens. a dizzy spell came over me when I phoned jaguar and they said £155 for unit. Must remember to brake less
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