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  1. Already on the cards!! Sourcing the parts as we speak.
  2. Hi Guys.. Just a follow up for you on the cruise control and volume control: Steering wheel arrived today, thanks to fleabay. 10 Minutes of disconnecting battery, removing steering wheel etc etc, and I have a fully functioning audio control and cruise control. Nothing else had to be done. I've read on other forums that this is possible on post face-lift vehicles, not pre. Apparently pre face-lift needed dealer programming. Please don't take my word on this though, do a good few google searches to put your mind 100% at ease if you are planning this.
  3. According to everyone I've spoken to (local - Kuwait, as well as international -,, our cars are pre-wired for pretty much everything. I took a look yesterday, when trying to sort the sunblind, in the ceiling center console - the wiring for bluetooth mic is there, as well as all the wiring in the boot, for sat nav, phone and cd shuttle. There are a few write ups concerning the pre-wiring and cruise control - give me 2 days, and I will confirm if it is indeed a straight plug and play.
  4. Guys, please feel free to go off topic... I dont think that I will be having my issue solved too soon. I need a day off to get cracking on the ride... I wonder if the Middle East/North Africa spec is different to the UK spec... I have the sunblind, no sunroof, no power mirrors (I did actually pull the trim away to check for wiring), no steering wheel controls...although, I have just bought a new steering wheel with controls, arriving tomorrow! I do have the wiring for all the toys though, so thats a good thing!
  5. Well, I did try the press and release etc... no folding mirrors. No motor sounds. I managed to fold them back by hand, with little resistance... This is my VIN, if means anything to anyone: SAJAA02A43JM80597.
  6. I'll give the mirrors a bash as soon as I'm done with work... As for the tugging, I'll give it another go too, and let you know. Thanks for the advice...
  7. Lol, I dont have a button under the dial. Under the dial is the windows switches, no button for folding mirrors. I've just been down to my car now, pulled both fuses, 21 and 26. Fuses are all rear blind. Going to try get into the parcel shelf on my next day off to check the blind...
  8. Thanks guys. I also got fuse 21, as well as fuse 26 as an option. Neither of them do anything. When I pulled fuse 21, (no electric mirrors fitted), and refitted it, I got a beep from the center console. Nothing else... Fuse 26, same story, nothing happening. Are there no connections in the boot (trunk)?
  9. The light in the switch turns on when I turn on the lights, and as for the fuse, I've been trying to figure out which fuse it is, but I've had a number of different options thrown at me. As for reading the electrical guide, I cant find any fuse numbers in the circuit diagram.
  10. My handbook is completely in Arabic, I cant read Arabic! The ones I've read online say push the button. When I push the button, nothing happens...
  11. Hi all. Thanks for the replies. I think, because its the Middle East where I'm at, the sun-blind came as standard issue. It's more of an irritation that I have something on my car not working....
  12. Hi all. I'm new to Jaguar and to this forum. I've just picked up a 2003 3.0 S-Type, in decent shape. Only problem, the rear sun blind doesn't work. When I push the button, nothing happens, no motor noise, no movement. I've asked on a few other forums and all anyone can come up with is give it a good pull while pushing the button. Tried that, doesn't work. I'm not sure what fuse number it is either,I've seen 21, 26, 18... Can anyone fill me in on that, and any other suggestions? Thanks all.
  13. Welcome to the Jaguar forums Jog5000 :)