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  1. When i put my car into reverse the sensor beep seems to stick on like im very close to getting somthing but it is clear and nothing im my way. Any ideas anyone? My car is a manual Thanks.
  2. Im looking at upgrading my headlights to xenon bulbs or hid full kit. Have anyone done this upgrade. If so what bulbs do i need to get. 2003 s type. Thanks all.
  3. Hi all. i purchased my first jaguar today. only had 1 key with it and also the open button is abit temperamental as i have to press it a few times for it to work, it feels worn. on my key there has 4 buttons, open,close, open the boot and put lights on. any ideas where i can get a spare key done and repair this button on mine. thanks all Ryan
  4. hi peter thanks for the reply. exactly where is the sensor. does it come away without losing any fluid. thanks again
  5. Hi all i bought my first jaguar today. its a 2003 s type jaguar 2.5 V6. problem iv discovered is i get a warning light come on and off my dashboard saying coolant fluid is low. cooland level is full iv checked it. any ideas please. thanks in advance :)
  6. Welcome to the Jaguar forums JAG1987 :)