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  1. Firstly, I love my new S-Type! I have been cruising around in a year 2000 S-Type with no toys for a few years which sadly died a tragic death when the throttle body blew out whilst doing 70mph on the motorway :( SO i did what any self respecting S-Type lover would do - i went and bought another one! I am now the proud owner of a 2004 S-Type in Racing Green and this one does have the toys! Sat Nav, Jag Voice, all the fun stuff. But the question of the phone module is giving me a head ache. Basically, when I hit the phone button it says the system does not have a phone fitted. Inside the armrest however is a phone all hooked up, it won't power on however. Now I have read that the phone not fitted message can mean there is either no phone or that the phone module is bad. The fact that I have the phone in the armrest - is it likely i have a phone module that has gone bad? My goal is to get the phone system active with bluetooth ultimately. I have just purchased a phone module on eBay (2W93-19K350-AD) which my research tells me is sufficient to work with Bluetooth. I am currently looking for a bluetooth module (2W93-14B409-AD Not sure if the last two letters need to match the phone module as found some module that end AB) and will then need to get it all connected together. I have had a look at my wiring and don't think its bluetooth pre-wired - i have read conflicting inform,action on whether the 2004 UK S-Types were bluetooth prewired or not. If not I understand I will need to do some rewiring? As I said I very much love my S-Type and am desperate to get the phone module working, especially as I have the touch screen controls and jaguar voice already installed. If anyone has any advice i would be very grateful.
  2. Welcome to the Jaguar forums Nubius :)

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