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  1. My XF S is luxurious; smooth; fast; and reliable but the main thing I like is the enjoyment of watching heads turn to look at it with envy.
  2. Congratulations Big Al, well deserved :)
  3. Wow I thought my list was long, but you have beaten that. Some lovely cars in your list I have to say, and some bring back happy memories of days gone by. I nearly went for the S Type diesel, but ended up with the XF, another beautiful car :)
  4. Aston Martin DBS for me, Landrover Sport for the caravan and for my wife a new Fiat 500 that she has wanted for a while. :)
  5. Hi Alastair, and Big Al - Hoooray! Thanks so much for all your encouragement in contacting Jaguar. I did just that, they sent a very pleasant reply and have given me a credit note for the full amount of the repair which I can use at any jag dealership. So I am very pleased indeed. It will go towards my next service of that you can be assured. Once again thanks for your support Rgs Paul :)
  6. Yes, I think it should become legal. I have spoken to a traffic cop who said they already often turn a blind eye to 80mph and are really after those doing 90 mph plus.
  7. Hi all I have now had my leather seat repaired by an amazing speacialist. They have done a marvellous job and you could not tell it had ever been damaged. If anyone is interested go to http://lhcupholstery.com/ Or write to Dale at dale@lhcupholstery.com I would certainly recommend them. Thanks for all your support and I will let you know if jaguar do anything, but I doubt it. My main concern is that my pride and joy is back up to scratch. Paul
  8. Many thanks to Steve who very kindly removed the photo for me :)
  9. Help. Please can someone tell me how I can remove a photo from my gallery? Thanks Paul
  10. V5PRH

    Jaguars I have owned

  11. Hi Thanks, I am going to get the seat repaired by a specialist then I will write to jaguar and see what they say. Will keep you posted. Paul
  12. Pasha I never know quite which way I am supposed to reply so have done both, glad we sorted that one as I would hate to feel you thought I was being rude. :)
  13. oh right lol I understand now. Such a shame they didnt. Did you take any photos? :)
  14. I would go for the tyre slasher (from Gold FInger Aston MArtin DB5) Some of the mad hair brains who overtake in ridiculous situations would get a surprise!!!LOL
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