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  1. Yeah, Know what you mean. Sometimes wish you hadn't let them out. Then you think to yourself, I hope he writes his car off the ignorant so and so! Bazooka does more damage than an ouzie and you don't need a hoodie for a bazooka!
  2. Problem Solved, Turned out to be MAP/Barometric pressure sensor on top of the manifold. All you have to do is remove it wash it out with Wurth or WD40. Fault code is p0105. Handy to know for future references.
  3. Thanks i'll give it a try
  4. Hi, can anybody give advice? I have a 52 2.1 sport X Type. On the way home from work this morning i noticed that engine light had come on. The car does not seemed to have lost any power and it has not gone into limp mode. However i did notice a very occasional missfire at low revs, i took it to a mechanic friend of mine but he does not have the diagnostic equipment needed to get a fault code. The car semms to be running perfectly and is very baffling, can anyone give a suggestion as to what the problem might be, i am a bit wary as to where to take the car because you hear so many stories about people getting ripped off for trivial things. Can anybody recommend a good man? I live in the Charlton area of South East london, is there anywhere good locally? Many Thanks Ray
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