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  1. It all depends on how much you think you could get for your wife? Merry Christmas Sam
  2. Thanks Kenny, you're right I think. I will just have to open my wallet for a change! I usually do all my own work so it will be nice to hand it over to someone else. Merry Christmas Sam
  3. Thanks Bigman, Yeh battery is on the dicky side, it appears to hold power for about 5 days but I don't want to buy a new battery until I get the tickover problem sorted. Any ideas? Sam
  4. I think that was what they call a storm in a tea cup! I'm not offended about the "scrap it" or "banger" comment and my Jag cant read so it's all fine. Thanks to all for your comments, the solution was charge the battery. !Removed! obvious really but it often helps to get a different perspective. Unfortunately though the initial problem was not solved by changing the throttle body. The problem is it does not tick over well. It starts fine then settles down to about 700 rpm then ticks over erratically, sometimes even stalls. When driving it purrs along what ever speed or rpm
  5. I agree Frank, I only paid £600 and it is the most comfortable car I have ever driven. Thanks for your help, I will try disconnecting the battery and charging it. Winter is coming fast so now is the time you find your battery is stuffed. Thanks Again Sam
  6. This is my first Jag and I love it. My wife also loves it so she stole it, drove it for 6 months and broke it then gave it back to me. hmm.. So if anyone has any advice the problem is it started running rough at idle. Someone suggested idle sensor in throttle body. So I changed the whole throttle body and repaired a small coolant hose leak while I was there. Started the engine fine but did not run it for long because low coolant after repair so don't know if that problem is sorted yet. THEN 2 days later came back with coolant opened the car and an alarm went off, switched alarm off with ke
  7. Welcome to the Jaguar forums FatSam :)

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