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Rising in value and scarcity?


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I bought my 2011 facelift XK with 37k miles in March. Since then, like a fool, I've been trying to see if I did the right thing and bought at the right time; I've been tracking similar age and mileage models on Autotrader before and since. When I bought mine, there were anything between 3 and 6 similar cars available throughout the UK for about £21k (there were a few pre-facelift cars as well). However, recently I have seen as few as no facelift models with 45k miles for less than £23k, and often there are only one or 2.

Am I right in thinking our cars are becoming more collectable as the modern classic that has been mentioned for some time, combined with the move away from petrol engines into the electric market (and the fewer V8s being produced as a result) or could it simply be Autotrader fees are so expensive sellers are moving away?

I'm interested in thoughts and obviously this might be of interest to quite a few other people to time when to buy/when to sell.

Thanks in advance.

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I was looking to buy the same kind of model as you @DO55MAC, atmospheric 5.0l V8, facelift XK.
 Are you happy with your car so far? Any issues? 

I noticed the same with prices / models in autotrader, high prices for not very good examples on paper, so I thought I'd ask here for advice. Is there a better place to look for a nice example of a facelift XK 5.0? I would really appreciate any advice on this 🙂
It also seems to be just old enough to not exist as approved used anymore with Jaguar dealers..


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