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  1. I have no idea but let us know how did you sort it out?
  2. As the topic is not about performance or efficiency I see point is how they look and 20' looks very good. Would they fit? I think so yes. They sell them online for JAguar X-Type but that may depends on offset and bore. Mine are standard 245/45R17 all around so to compare to those: http://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=225&aspect=45&diameter=17&wheelwidth=8.5&offset=38&width2=235&aspect2=30&diameter2=20&wheelwidth2=8.5&offset2=35#content X-Type default wheels parameters from: http://www.alloywheels.com/jaguar-x-type-alloy-wheels PCD: 5x108 Wheel offset: 35 to 50mm Wheel Hub Center Bore: 63.4mm Wheel fittings: N 1/2inches Theoreticaly they shoud fit as long as wheels has ET50 to ET35 and correct PCD fitments. http://www.wheel-size.com/calc/?wheel1=245-45-17X8.5ET38&wheel2=235-30-20X8.5ET35&wheel3=225-45-17X7.5ET40&fcl=50mm&wcl=30mm&scl=50mm Some theory: http://www.alloyguide.com/pcd.php Let us know if anybody have 20inch wheels on their X-Type and how it LOOKS ? :)
  3. Luksander


    Covered European Motorways during holidays in Well Loaded 2+2 + GEEEEAR up to roof 2.0 Diesel Estate 850km / 6.5L/100km - Easy Start in Ireland + UK traffic 850km / 6.0L/100km 90km / 8.3L/100km - town 701km / 8.3L/100km - German Motorways:) 836km / 6.9L/100km 665km / 7.5L/100km 674km / 7.6L/100km - German Motorways 803km / 7.0L/100km 700km / 6.8L/100km - Not motorways some at night and almost no traffic. Irish roads. Total 6300km EUR 540 Economic driving turned off after first 200km per tank - or faster :P im MPG would be 34 to 47 average to 40 mpg You may compare MPG to others on http://www.fuelly.com/car/jaguar/x-type
  4. Hi Peter, Sure. Would you be in UK Mainland or directly in Birmingham or other store? Let me know when and I can send you money or just meet somewhere around. June is perfect. Is it really so difficult to source this parts locally? I understand my car is so unique;) but shouldn't be some around in worst condition. Regards, Lukasz
  5. Thanks Peter for contact, Now I have two companies that have brand new part at similar price. Costs of shipping to Ireland are higher when to UK. This is so little part that some scrap yard in Ireland may have it for peanuts. I have some time to fit it and if really no find anywhere I can order from one of above any-time. I am still looking for one of those.
  6. Hello, I am looking too for Amber Reflector Rh Front / Lh Rear Jaguar X Type 2008 On From Vin J39906 Part number: C2C35381 : Anybody braking for parts and have good condition? Shipping to Ireland? http://britishparts.co.uk/products/9378-reflector-C2C35381
  7. Hi Kenny, Best to use calculator like that: http://www.willtheyfit.com/ to compare diameters and offsets. Regards, Luk
  8. Hello, Received I nice link to share with all about how many Jaguars were sold over years: http://raycee1234.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/jaguar-production-by-model.html but I would like to find more accurate details of How many X-Type Diesel Estate (2.0 and 2.2) after 2008 and before July 2009 were manufactured? Anybody know where to look? How many were exported and how many stayed in UK/Ireland? Regards, Luks
  9. Hello, What are your experience on driving with wheels sizes in Subject. I read a bit and see difference in visual style and performance. I am very interested what is your experience and what would you recomend personaly? Regards, Luks
  10. Hi Ian, I done 6300km on Europe roads with pleasure to drive. No towing. 2.0L Diesel. Every stop we had I was asking to drive a bit more and more.... Super Holidays. 40 to 30 MPG Depends on Driving style. All mostly Motorways. I may go for 2.2 as has 6 speed gearbox and a bit more power but I am happy with one I have. Regards, Lukasz
  11. Hi Simon, I see not many post on forum here for you. I see this video is handy on How to remove standard radio. I will be looking to replace mine some time later this year. May be handy for others.
  12. Hi Lee, How is your conversion done? I have seen some video's on youtube how to replace factory radio with new facia and what kind of radios fits in. I will be looking for 2 DIN size with full android functions. Still researching... Anybody recommend some after-market radios that has all GPS, Bluetooth, Android 4.+ stystem etc?
  13. Welcome Andrew, you may track your fual costs on fuelly.com or other apps probobly too. This is what I am using. Regards, Lukasz
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