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  1. Hi Andrew, Retrofitting puddle lights has been done before but as far as I'm aware there's no threads here on this forum as to how to do it. I don't know if it's acceptable here on this forum to post links to other forums, but in anticipation of it being frowned upon I offer my apologies and post this link which should help you with the information that you need http://www.jaguarforum.com/showthread.php?t=36020
  2. The best thing that you can do for these and in fact any engine is to change the oil and filter regularly and by that I would say every 5-6,000 miles or every six months. Properly looked after the petrol V6's are bombproof and by doing these changes regularly you will be rewarded with even more longevity. I have regularly used for years now Triple QX semi-synthetic 5w30 which more than meets specifications. A full change including filter takes just under 6 litres. When you log into the site it will ask you for your registration to identify your vehicle; when you do this it will not show you
  3. Before I dash off and fit a new alternator on my son's car I've found this that should answer all your questions https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/66782171/Jaguar%20X-Type%20Premium%20Sound%20Retrofit%20Upgrade.pdf Hope this helps
  4. Hi I'm not sure now that you have to take the loom all the way back to the head unit, it's been a while now since I broke my saloon and I can't remember to be honest. Taking the head unit out is actually quite easy, routing a loom from back to front is a bit more challenging. I'll have a dig round my wiring diagrams when I get chance and see what is involved and post a result over the weekend that may help you make your mind up either way.
  5. Hi The wiring will probably not be there, most models did not come with pre-wiring I'm afraid. You could contact Bertieboy9 and see if he has a loom available. The sub is the amp it's all built in together with the earlier models, later models were different requiring a seperate amp that is fitted in the boot and two speakers fitted in the rear parcel shelf. Don't forget that you will need a different rear shelf cover which has the speaker grilles built in if you want to keep it 'factory fit' looking. I have a sub-woofer amp and parcel shelf cover (in flint black/ dark grey), taken from my 2
  6. Hi Tim I do truly hope that I'm wrong here but I think that your gearbox problem may well be terminal. I had the same problem with my 3 litre sport last year and it proved to be curtains for my car. Of course it was repairable but given the age of my car (2002) the cost of a replacement box £250-£300 and the cost of labour because it was beyond my mechanical skills, then it had to be. When I googled the problem, the consensus was that the reverse gear going on the J gate box is a sure sign that it is FUBAR. I might say that just like yours I had no tell-tale signs that anything was wrong w
  7. Hi Dean The car wasn't that colour but I spoke to Mark the other day on the phone and at the 11th hour he got a buyer for the car. I know that he got a saloon in the other day that he will be breaking but don't know the colour. You're best to PM him and he'll get back to you, he's been doing some night work recently so hasn't been around the forum for a couple of weeks. Hope you get sorted out.
  8. Ey up Mark, What a travesty, I just can't believe that you didn't get something near to what you were asking for it. The description on Ebay was a really fair one and when you compare it to some of the other rubbish advertised on there for similar money, it's hard to understand why it's not sold. Such a shame because it's got loads of life left in it. I may well have use for the auto-dimming mirror as mine and the auto-lights have given up the ghost. I'll ring you mate.
  9. Hi I'm sorry to say that I had exactly the same as you last year with my 2002 3.0 litre and the reason is that the box has gone I'm afraid. There is no way of checking levels etc, as the J gate box is a 'sealed for life' unit and as such it doesn't form part of a normal 'service schedule'.. With mine in April last year I had taken it to an auto gearbox specialist in Barnsley and supposedly the ATF was changed- 7 months later my gearbox did exactly the same as yours with no warning whatsoever. Possibly the work was not done as I was lead to believe it had, but I'd never be able to prove t
  10. Hi Ron You may well be right on that, in all honesty I probably know more about quantum physics than I do about diesel X types!
  11. Hi there and welcome to the forum, sounds like you've got yourself a nice motor. Being a diesel you'll have the EGR valve and judging by the model year yours will have been fitted with a DPF, both which I know can be slightly problematic but there's tons of information out there with how to deal with them. I'm a petrol owner so can't offer much on that but some diesel owners will probably be along shortly to advise. Improvements, well there's loads that can be done but seeing as yours is Sovereign spec it doesn't really leave you much. With regards to MP3, you can get an ACM (audio connect
  12. Hi Rowley You are of course correct about labour rates in the M25 area being significantly higher than they are here in Yorkshire. Sheffield Prestige for instance charge £60 plus VAT per hour where a main dealer will be twice that. The price quoted by the two Indys you mention, is to be honest approaching exorbitant, considering that their overheads will be nothing like a main dealers are. I did know a Jag owner who lived near to Cobham and he used to travel up to Jagfix at Armthorpe near Doncaster to get work done because the labour rate made it worthwhile and the proprietor Chris has got
  13. Well it does look nice to have a genuine Jaguar stamp in the book but at what cost? Your car is seven years old now or thereabouts, you are not adding to its value by having that stamp, possibly only its 'sellability' (if there is such a word) in the future. If I am going to look for a second hand car for sure I will be looking at the service history and expect it to be as complete as possible. I might pay a small premium for that but it won't equate to the extra that you would have paid by using a main dealer. (I'll quote you some figures shortly). If you are part exchanging your car in t
  14. I know that there's a lot of drivers that have these and like yourself are quite happy with them Peter. But there's a lot of different models on the market and they're not all of the same standard. I was probably just unlucky in the one that I had but I couldn't live with it anymore and it just had to go. I've tried a few prototype replacements since but up to now I've not found one that I'm sure I'd be happy to have installed permanently. However, I'm going to keep testing models as they come available and you never know I might one day find one that I'm happy to keep! :D
  15. I just totally got rid of mine, it was an expensive modification though.............. cost me half of the house!
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