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  1. TODAY ... SAILED THROUGH MOT WITH NO ADVISORIES (YET AGAIN!!) No advisories in all MOT's these last 6 years. Zircon blue with champagne interior and 17" belize alloys - 119k on the clock. I'm the 4th owner, bought it in Nov 2014 with 69k miles. 2x working keys + Handbook and other booklets in original folder. FSH (mainly my trusty Indy), cared for unsparingly. Serviced 62k, 75k, 86k, 95k, 102k, 110k, 117k. I have really appreciated this car so am selling with regret but the fact is I need a petrol conveyance which is ULEZ compliant as my family are growing up in London and my assistance with grandchildren and general visits will become more regular. I would really like my lovely X-type to go to a good home as it will be much missed and it has many years of excellent service still to give. Of interest ... 4x Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyres (2 @ 110k, 2 @ 105k) Overrunning Alternator Pulley (OAP) fitted (@ 95k in Apr '17) 4x refurbished injectors (@ 116k in late 2019) Rear seats hardly used Spacesaver (never used) Annual Road Tax £165. Everything works. £1500 OVNO
  2. I'm surprised that the AWD option plus winter tyres combination didn't please you Walter, then you would have had the best of both worlds!
  3. Perhaps an obvious response but maybe it would be worth checking the battery for both age and correct size. There's so much that depends upon the battery, especially when starting up and if you've just bought the car, it always pays to ensure you have the most appropriate and lively power block and not some old knackered piece of kit that the vendor wanted to get rid of and swapped it between viewing and collection. It happens!
  4. When mine lost power like you it was accompanied by a background hissing noise, like escaping air. Turned out to be the intercooler hose with a small but developing split somewhere hidden. The split was really quite small, just shows that it doesn't take much to affect performance. The clips have also been known to degrade with age and create the same effect. Like Rich, my money would be on a hose or associated clips in that area.
  5. I shouldn't worry about those in the Big House Peter, or indeed those in the Other Place, having to pay any extra charge. I believe they call it 'expenses' !
  6. Morning Peter, As explained, according to TfL my (55) 2.0d is NOT compliant which is why I'm interested in hearing from others of same year and model. They don't need to be Londoners, they can be anywhere in the UK just input your reg number into the link below ... My research has also uncovered that although the V5C states that the car is Euro-4 compliant (trigger point for the charge) the vehicle is actually only certified to Euro-3 by Jaguar. I'm told that those 2005 models with the EGR valve powered by vacuum but switched electrically are those that meet Euro-4 limits but are still formally certified as Euro-3 by regulation. Like mine. In terms of T-charge exemption I'm not sure that the DPF means much. Best, Rowley
  7. I'm receiving mixed messages regarding whether or not my 2005 (55) 2.0d should be exempt from the new London T-charge. According to the TfL compliance checker link my car is NOT exempt. When entering the VIN on the Jaguar TOPIx site it states "Model year : 2006" and under emissions : "Stage IV Requirements" which suggests to me Euro-4 compliant which IS exempt. The V5C shows 149 k/gm against emissions which suggests pre-Euro-4 so NOT exempt. Is there anyone out there with a 2005 2.0d that IS exempt? If yes, do please post.
  8. Beg pardon Colin, apologies for doubting you, of course there's a 2.1 V6 petrol (2001-08) ... 'cos you've got one!! You learn something new every day, but it looks like Parkers don't refer to it as a 2.1 as they badge it as a 2.0 V6. But then you know all that by now as you're way ahead of me. As for the exact model, that may take more than one glass of wine to sort out!
  9. Save asking a multitude of questions, have a look at this and work out what you've got. I can answer one thing though, if you're petrol you're either 2.5 or 3.0 litre. x-type-2006.pdf
  10. Hi Colin, me again. I'm not a great DIY buff but it would help others who are more that way inclined to answer your Qs if you could confirm exactly which model you've got. Rowley
  11. Hi Colin, Welcome to the Forum. An 03 with only 37k sounds a bit of a steal, do hope you're happy with it and there are no major issues. With that mileage I guess it's petrol. Anyway, I've always wondered about replacing the static armrest with a slider so will be interested in how you get on using an item from a much older model. And look forward to the pics. Best, Rowley
  12. Hi James, A phone call to your local stealer will give you a price, likely as not into 3 figures! If I'm right then the good old interweb will find you something much more wallet-friendly so I'm thinking eBay or Amazon to name but two. Once you've purchased then you can program it to your car yourself. Simples! Good luck, Rowley
  13. Sorry to be late on the scene John, but from reading about DPFs elsewhere it would seem that many do indeed experience various noises whilst the regeneration is taking place, some even mention extra smoke when booting it and the most common advice seems to be not to turn the engine off during regeneration. Thankfully my model is not troubled with a DPF, but I had one on a previous car and I found it to be a damn nuisance. Personally I think they're more trouble than their worth but some would argue that if you look after it then it will look after you; either way, if you've got one I'm afraid you're stuck with it. Google it and you'll get all sorts of views.
  14. Many thanks David, an interesting contribution.
  15. Hi Walter, I have it on good authority that you need to try Osram Night Breaker Unlimited or Philips X-Treme Vision +130% as apparently they are the best "halogen" bulbs you can buy and are available in H1 fit. They give the most light where you need it. Try this link ... Best, Rowley