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  1. Thanks for the advice Peter. I tried the vindecoderz website and found that my car is supposed to have dual power/heated mirrors. I have found out that the "Mirror Pack" costing £430 (as you say) includes power folding amongst other additions such as auto dipping when reversing, auto powerfold/unfold, and a few more things. I am amazed that a premium car does not have powerfolding mirrors as standard in 2015 when they have so many other gizmos included. I assume it is designed to force buyers of new cars into having add-ons that include more than they really want. Still a great car though, and
  2. Hi. I've just bought an eight month old XF Luxury saloon and can't seem to get the door mirrors to fold by pressing the two switches simultaneously. Do I have a fault with the car or does this feature not come as standard on this model?
  3. Steve

    Welcome to the Jaguar forums nhoj :)

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