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  1. preec


    having thought a bit more.Would culprit most likely be vacuum pump ? expensive?. Vacuum piping looks ok
  2. When I press brake pedal first time =ok. when press again shortly after it can go "wooden"and harder to stop than normal. after a short time things fine again.(vacuum)?. What could be problem How easy to fix possible cost. After my auto box rebuild etc I would of course like a positive answer but am prepared for the worst.
  3. Car runs well now. just had it on a run down m6 and on a65. Back to its old self. Also needed an A bank egr valve. Am very pleased to having it back,much better than swmbos fiat 500 or my "spare car a 1.2 skoda fabia.
  4. Got jag back. cost of auto box rebuild /egr work/ diaphragm on the induction side of things./all in........£2608.88. Boo hoo.!!!!!
  5. Havn`t told swmbo yet.... Wish me luck.(flowers, send to...........................)
  6. Well since last posting about my jags ills. Lots of things have gone on to stop me replying and updating you. After a delay due to illness and family problems ( in which time car wasn't driven) I took the jag to a specialist near preston. He has diagnosed antifreeze contamination in gearbox which is now toast and needs rebuilding. Boo hoo.----There goes the wifes new kitchen fund (Havn`t told her yet).
  7. Have been to my local tyre doctor. One tyre has worn "out of shape". (falkens-- all round)........no pun intended. Has to order in new tyre.Will change both tyres on same axle and have it re-tracked. No other cause of noises could be seen. will get tyres fitted then see if any untoward noises are present ,and take it from there. Will let you know what happens.
  8. I own a 2004 2.7 s type auto ,with apx 84000 miles on the clock. Car has started to `judder a bit `under med /hard acceleration.mainly around the 40 -50 mph range. Also a slight `booming noise` from the rear offside (connected)?. Engine runs smoothly at idle and doesn't seem to be source of judder. Car did get rather wet going through deep floods 10 days or so ago ,wonder if this could be source of problem as I did have to dry out some water from rear of car(not much). (and all electrics working fine since etc). Have used car a bit since and appeared ok. Boot dry. Ideas anyone as to cause
  9. Have run an earth from back of lights to body of car .This doesn't cure problem. the high level brake light still flashes and brake light doesn't work. Though one of lights does become a bit brighter.
  10. If it is an earth /ground fault where would I look for cause ?
  11. chaged bulb. fault till there. With the exception of the fault warning on dash doesn't illuminate . but the other effects such as the flickering high level brake light and the bulbs not working correctly on rhs still there
  12. My stype 2.7 diesel auto on an 04 plate has developed an electrical fault. Yesterday a fault light appeared in dash to say my rear park/stop light on the rhs was faulty. I replaced bulb. no change, the warning light still there, I got my son to press brake pedal whilst I looked at rear lights. The lhs light cluster worked normally but the rhs side reacted with brake light bulb not working at all and other lights on that side either not working or working when they shouldn't. the high level brake light just gave an occasional small flicker. I replaced the brake light bulb on rhs with 3 differ
  13. Sorry pressed `post` before finishing message. I also have the red light and tone when in reverse. The front parking aid works well.
  14. my stype has a fault on the rear sensors.they all have the ticking noise .But still don`t work.
  15. Been looking at a leaper for bonnet. But there seems such a large variance in price(and quality)??. Anyone know of a reasonably priced good quality supplier?
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