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  1. I have available a driveshaft/hub assembly from a 2005 S Type 2.7D n/s/r. No ABS sensor. There are two types of ABS sensor/ring so please see photos. £120.00 delivered to UK.
  2. My auto wipe feature does not work properly, just an intermittent wipe even when not raining. Could it be the windscreen sensor? Wiring seems ok.
  3. . I have available wiper stalk for S type 05, non auto wipe. 2R83 17A553 B . £20.00 including UK postage.
  4. Ok Thanks. Its not battery, I don't think, as its quite new. Calipers have new slider pins. Could it be brake module?
  5. I have a 2005 S type 2.7 D. Yesterday handbrake would not release. In order to release we cut the power supply. Any one have any idea what caused this? Never had any such problem before.
  6. Thanks for all your posts. I will use recirculate button for now. Perhaps pull fuse in spring.
  7. I have a S type 05 model 2.7 D. It appears that the pre heater is emitting large amounts of smoke on start up. This only started recently. If car is standing this is then blown into car via ventilation system. Any one any idea?
  8. I have an S type 2.7 D. I have an intermittent problem with all four windows. Sometimes they work but sometimes they dont. This applies to all windows, but they will go/down up via remote fob. Any advice?
  9. My S Type auto has developed sharp gear changes, but only when cold, it is fine when warmed up . As it is a sealed for life system I cannot check levels. Car done 80,000 miles, 11 years old. Anyone help?
  10. Cant hear anything. Its as if there is no power. Could it be the regulator I wonder?
  11. Hi, thanks for that. I have checked fuse and is/was ok. I still have problem though. Any ideas?
  12. I have had an intermittent problem with ALL windows not opening/closing on my S type. Now not worked for two days. I want to check the fuse no 22 . How do I access fuse box in passenger side?
  13. I intend to do a headlight upgrade to xenon. I know that the bumper needs to be removed. On a preliminary inspection I noted all the bolts and screws that need to be unscrewed. Once that is done how easy does the bumper come off and how? Any input would be appreciated.
  14. I have a 2005 S Type. I need a threshold plate in warm charcoal for drivers door. It is approx 23 ins long by 2.5 ins.wide. I have tried many breakers without success. There are no new available at Jaguar.
  15. Your phone number would be great please.