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  1. Scanner origine Autel MaxiDAS DS708 sans fil WIFI OBD2 auto diagnostic est capable de beaucoup de fonctions spéciales. Voici un exemple étape par étape de réinitialisation capteur d'angle de braquage pour les voitures Kia avec Autel DS708 (Hyundai de la part des véhicules de la même procédure). Comment programmer / calibrer le capteur d'angle de braquage Kia avec un scanner automatique Autel MaxiDAS DS708? Connectez scanner automobile Autel DS708 avec le véhicule et le pouvoir en place le dispositif Cette fonction réinitialiser cette valeur à zéro SAS-set Effectuer cette fonction lorsque vous remplacez la colonne du capteur ou de la direction (CONDITION) 1. Redresser le pneu avant 2. Disposez le volant à la position de centre 3. Key IG sur (Coupez le contact ON) 4. arrêt du moteur. Autel Maxidas ds708 scanner
  2. Why need recode/code DSC control module? Have the red brake light yellow DSC and red ABS on the dashboard. Seem to purchase a used module, so the VIN is wrong and does not match the vehicle. Or the module is new and needs programmed and initialized. BMW Scanner V1.4.0 Pa-soft will read coding data, but not able to decode. NCS-expert did. Tools needed: ICOM Rheingold engineering software INPA, NCS –expert (and others WinKFP, Ediabas etc) WIFI BMW ICOM A2 emulator or BMW INPA K+DCAN cable Code a used DSC module via NCS Expert: BMW model example tested: E39 528iM and BMW E46 325CI. Not sure if it works on other models. Install DSC module Select File-> Load Profile Select Expertmode Choose F1: VIN/ZCS/FA Choose F3: ZCS/FA f.ECU Select Chassis: E39 Choose ECU, OK. NCS Expert is going to read VIN/ZCS/FA information from one of these modules. Choose IKE NCS fills in vehicle data. Choose F3: ZCS/FA f. ECU. Below "get coded” seems to be a list of all the modules that can be coded. Choose F4: Process ECU to code a SINGLE MODULE. Choose ECU to be coded: DSC Note "get coded” now shows only DSC. (3) files to be used are shown below JOBNAME Choose F3: Execute Job. DSC coding completed. DSC light on dash switched off. EGS CAN bus speed error was no longer present after checking with INPA software. There were no new codes stored for DSC module. If necessary, adjust/ initialize/ reset steering angle sensor via INPA software in the end.
  3. When you wanna to choose an item for key programmer ? which one is the best to choose ? SKP900, Key Pro M8, CK100 or X100+ ? What’s their difference ? Following us and see together: SuperOBD SKP-900 Key Programmer: 1) Skp900 is original, can update at superobd official site. 2) SKP900 can work with most cars up to 2013, like 2013 range rover sport is okay, but not all. 3) No need pin code for many cars, can read pin code for many vehicles. 4) SKP900 can do all key lost as well. 5) SKP900 support Toyota G chip key matching. 6) Language available: English and Portuguese. The Key Pro M8: Key Pro M8 can work with old car even before 2006 and both new cars up to 2012. Key pro M8 is the most powerful and most expensive key programmer, it’s best for professional locksmith who will make key for many car models, and it can update online. CK-100 Auto Key Programmer – Newest generation SBB: 1) Newest generation SBB, compared with Silca Sbb, CK-100 auto key programmer newly add some models and even covers up to 2014. CK100 is available with 3 kinds of version, V99.99, V45.02 and v45.06, V45.09. 2) CK100 V99.99 can support Lexus RX350 07-09, SBB can’t; CK100 V99.99 covers Lexus SC430 02-10, SBB only cover 02-06; CK100 V99.99 can do Corolla (CAN) from 2009 to 2012, SBB up to 09. 3) CK100 make key by simply plug 16pin cable with OBD diagnostic socket, no need connect with computer. It can only communicate with the standard OBDII protocol vehicles. If your car is not standard 16pin connecter and not standard OBDII protocol, use T300. 4) CK100 has 1024 tokens, after use it up, go to change a chip by following the seller’s instruction. Original X-100+ key programmer: 1) X100+ is original, can update online. 2) X100+ is hand-held key programmer, no need connect with any computer. 3) X100+ make key for the vehicle models from China, Asia, Europe and America. 4) X100+ supports Toyota G Chip Via OBD, but it does not support all, some can, some can’t. 5) X-100+ disadvantage: only English available.
  4. I got some obd2 good codes from obd2warehouse,and i think it is usefull!! :) __________________________________________ Tachopro 2008 peugeot