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  1. I'll try joining the forum first perhaps.....OCD....nah, you're probably in your 50's at least and wear a cap, it goes with the territory!!
  2. Hi Fussy Frank!!!! I think I've decided on the R there's a few nice ones around on auto trader and eBay. My issue at the minute is storage, I need a place to keep it as it won't be used daily, I plan to keep it for an investment so need a nice dry secure home. I will of course use it regularly but I want to keep it as fresh as I can. Sounds like Stagnites motor is a good in. Maybe I could contact him via text or maybe he could text me? Certainly a chat would be good to talk over aspects of the Jaguar XKR would be good
  3. Thanks Nige005 searching is all a part of the fun I think.
  4. Thanks for those thoughts, good to hear from those who have an XK8. I think the R because it is a true sports car, there are less supercharged cars or there and my personal thoughts is that it looks just a little better. Not to worried about the cost of running it, any old car will have its upkeep faults, but I'm sure if kept in check these costs can be minimised. Not thought about the dials that much, I'll have to have a look at that. Thanks for your comments
  5. Needing your thoughts and ideas on my idea to buy an XK8 or R. I am thinking of hanging on to it until its value increases as it looks like people are saying this may be a future classic. Apart from that it looks like a great toy so even if it doesn't invest well it'll be good fun at least. So...Should it be an XK8 or an XKR, should it be a convertible or hard top?
  6. I might be way too late for this repl, and by my own admission I havn't read ALL the replies, but maybe I could mention something here that might help. I have a 53 plate x-type 3.0 petrol with the sat nav screen. I, however, wasnt too enamoured with the sat nav and tried to find ways of using my phone, an Android, to transmit the pictures from phone to screen...ANYWAY... A company local to me specialise in all kinds of audio upgrades and car electrics. The company is called Absolute Audio of Amesbury in Wiltshire. They put me in touch with a company called Navtv heres the web address They might be a good company to chat to. As far as my quest was concerned I could do what I want to do but I would need to change my Nexus 6 phone to a Samsung Sx at least one with the tv option in the settings. The Jag kit from the above company is around £300 and fitting using Absolute Audio somewhere near £100. Didnt get it done as I like my Nexus!!
  7. An update. I spoke to Navtv who do lots of this kind of thing and they can make something work quite well. However, there is a bit of a compromise. Everything looks and stays the same, all the original buttons work as factory fitted, the compromise is if you want to use your phone, which will be plugged via a cable, you will need to use a switch, which they fit, to enable you to display what's on the phone. It means that the phone becomes the controller not the Jaguar touch screen. The cars screen will display whatever's on the phone. The kit costs around £300 plus fitting. Have a look at Navtv based in South Wales
  8. Hey, check this out I've had a chat with a car audio specialist near my home, Absolute Audio, they do some really stupid stuff in after market fits and they had a look at the video. They suggested that it was some kind of device that interrupts the signal and tells the screen "Its ok, its a Jaguar signal being recieved" Ok, that was simplistic, but I understood why it worked on that basis. SO....they suggested I speak to a company that does that kind of thing called sent! According to their website they have some kind of device that might do the trick. Watch this space!!
  9. My problem is that if I buy an item that has something on it that is supposed to work, I want it to work. I like sat navs because it gives me live info and time to destination etc, I'm pretty good with sense of direction. Because my X-Type has a sat nav I want it to work!! I've had a look at getting a double din touch screen kind of thing. I spoke to Absolute Audio in Amesbury today. Sadly, they think that I might lose the ability to manually control the A/C...sigh...I would also like to be able to use Bluetooth phone through the audio, so the double din replacement might do it. What I've learned from you kind respondents is that you're all rubbish at giving me the words I want to hear "Yes, there's a great Jaguar upgrade that will simply slot into your x-types fascia to replace the current system"...Thanks guys!!! Ah well its still a Jaguar and I still love it!
  10. Thanks for the welcome Why can't car companys think a little about the quality of Navigation? I like yourself have a pretty good idea of direction. I use Google maps for the traffic hints and for mileage to go and ETA. I travelled back from North Yorkshire today and honestly, if I'd have followed it I wouldn't be back here at my PC typing this until tomorrow I'm sure!! No, the thought that even BMW can't do a decent sat nav doesn't fill me with encouragement. I've seen some people have replaced the screen with a double DIN stereo system. I MIGHT look at that route and use my tablet with holder from Brodit (DSL Developments) At the moment its just thoughts. Cheers for the comments
  11. I've had Ford's, Escort and 2 Mondeos and now what a friend described as a Mondeo in a dress, the X-Type. It's an SE 3.0 V6 with all the spoilers and skirts, appropriately!! I've a question about the Satnav. Having been used to Google maps the Satnav in the Jag despite being updated to use the latest version really isn't that brilliant. Could I fit a more modern X-Type sat nav system to my 53 plate assuming the later system works better? Or what ideas could you offer me to have a better Satnav system. Have taken the Jaguar on a trip to North Yorkshire covering around 700 miles and it drives fantastic. 2 owners, 63000 miles and a full service record all for £3200 oh, and an average 33 mpg
  12. Sorry in advance if this topic has already been discussed but I was wondering if I was to fit another radio unit to my X-Type would the touch screen still work the radio? My thinking is that the wiring kit that is either supplied or can be bought separately will make the radio work using the touch screen. Thoughts please