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  1. Hi Adam The Bluespark Tuning Module will bump your car up to around 330 bhp for around £250. Easy to fit yourself and transfer to another vehicle later on which is what I done. Originally fitted to an S type 2.7 diesel which took it from the standard 204 bhp to around 250 bhp and what a difference that made. Oh, a K&N air filter also helps the engine breath better.
  2. Hi Guys I have a good towbar with detachable tow hitch taken off my old S Type diesel. Does anyone know if this towbar will fit an XF 3.0 S Sportbrake as I believe both car use the same chassis Thanks Martyn
  3. Morning Jon Based upon your advice and that of others, that is exactly what I intend to do. I have decided to keep my diesel S type as a work car and my STR as my "play" car. Thanks Martyn
  4. My 04 plate 2.5 has a slight problem, when I came to a stop the engine sortof jumps ahead slightly. Doesn't happen all the time. Any ideas please.

    1. actros


      Hi Gemmy54

      Could you be a little more specific as to what car you have and is it diesel or petrol?

      Also, could you go into a bit more detail i.e. after a long run or short run (is engine hot?). What does the car feel like as you are driving it i.e is it smooth or jerky and any other info may help trace the cause


  5. .On a motorway, you don't use the performance aspect of any car but saving a few quid is worth considering. I normally cover around 200-300 miles on motorways per week and with LPG around half the price of petrol, it had to be considered but not at the possible cost of a damaged engine and it is that which formed the basis of my original enquiry
  6. Bit of an issue here. I think you will find that LPG octane is actually much lower than petrol; equivalent to around 92 ton. Might be wrong
  7. Hi Jon Again, you are absolutely right and I totally agree with your comments. My original enquiry was just to obtain valued opinions from those who has experienced LPG conversions and the pro's & con's of such conversions. As you say, the cost of such work would have to be taken into consideration if only to rule it out. We all know that the Jaguar V8 is a lovely engine but its not exactly renowned for its economy and I just wanted to see if LPG might have been a viable option as I do a fair amount of motorway driving. Regards, Martyn
  8. Marlowboy, Thank you for replying to my enquiry. Clearly, you have knowledge of LPG conversions but do you use any particular make? The Voices. I hear what you are saying regarding running a performance car on LPG and you are absolutely correct in many respects however, "Why would anyone want to convert a performance car to LPG" simple - COST. When cruising on a motorway, do you use the performance of your car - No so, why not use a lesser fuel effectively doubling the economy then revert back to petrol when you want to "play". Martyn
  9. Hi Guys Anyone had an LPG conversion done to their V8 especially the supercharged version. Is it working alright? Rough cost! etc etc. Mine is a 4.2 ST-R recently acquired on a 2004 plate Thanks Martyn
  10. My s type drives well until it reaches 70+ mph then it develops a rear end vibration - any ideas? Problem no.2 is a strange one. Drivers door switch bank works fine with everything working except when I turn the lights on then nothing works from this switch bank. All other window switches continue to work as normal albeit with no back lighting again, any ideas. Thanks guys
  11. Thanks Joe Good advice as always. I will go down the relay route as you suggest knowing how sensitive Jaguar electrical systems are. Thanks again
  12. Hi guys Does anyone know if the headlamp wiring on an s type is capable of supporting higher wattage halogen bulbs? I've used led bulbs which are great but not mot compliant and HID bulbs are not worth all the conversion work although I do have two projector lens headlights ready to fit or sale. I'm tempted to use 80 or even 100watt halogen bulbs instead of the standard 55watt bulbs but I what stage do I upgrade the wiring to cater for the higher outputs? Martyn
  13. Bit of a strange one. On my s type, electric windows work fine on all doors except when I turn the lights on. All passenger doors operate as normal but the drivers door switches go dead. Turn off lights and full function resumes. Any ideas
  14. I have no idea but would suggest you go back to the original thread and replies and contact Ben Wilcock. Any trouble, contact me again and I'll dig out his email address Martyn
  15. Thanks Joe, I have emailed Ben Wilcox Martyn
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