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  1. Bit of a strange one. On my s type, electric windows work fine on all doors except when I turn the lights on. All passenger doors operate as normal but the drivers door switches go dead. Turn off lights and full function resumes. Any ideas
  2. I have no idea but would suggest you go back to the original thread and replies and contact Ben Wilcock. Any trouble, contact me again and I'll dig out his email address Martyn
  3. Thanks Joe, I have emailed Ben Wilcox Martyn
  4. Hi Joe The Jagdroid system, what sort of cost are we looking at and can they fit. What is their location Martyn
  5. Hi Guys Does anyone know if the Denso sat nav system fitted to the S type can be updated or replaced with a more up to date system. Ideally, I would like to keep the dash display but change the dvd player fitted in the boot but I appreciate that, a straight swap is probably out of the question. The manufacturers have not been forthcoming with any reasonable suggestion in fact, they have not even had the decency of a reply. Martyn
  6. Hi Guys Having recently replaced the brake master cylinder on my 2004 2.7, I have tried bleeding the brake system several times using an compressor operated vacuum pump but for reasons unknown, I cannot get the brakes right on this car. There is no leaks anywhere in the system. Back left, Back right, Front left and Front right. not forgetting to bleed the master cylinder as well but still no joy. Does anyone know if the engine needs to be running or am I doing something wrong - HELP!!!!! Martyn
  7. Thanks Steve Good advice Martyn
  8. Hi Guys Just changed my brake master cylinder on my s type 2.7 and bled the replacement master cylinder thoroughly but I still can't get full brake pressure unless I pump the peddle several times - leave a few seconds and no pressure at the peddle. This would undoubtedly indicate air in the system but surely not the whole system. Any ideas? Thanks Martyn
  9. Be advised. Led headlight bulbs may cause an issue at mot as they are brighter than what is regarded as legal. Simple answer is swap the dip beams back to halogen before mot then swap them back afterwards
  10. Like you, I had standard halogen headlights on my s type which I changed to the "30% more light" and while there was some noticeable difference, they were not anyway near as good as when I changed them to LED's - Brilliant (quite literally).
  11. How do I join and what is the cost
  12. Hi Guys How do you get hold of one of these stickers? Martyn
  13. Carole, Paul & Joe. Thank you so much for the information that you supplied. I was rather hoping Joe would respond as I know you own one of these "beauties" and have good experience of them. I currently own a 2.7 diesel and I am well impressed with it. yes I know that with any car getting on in years, the almighty rust will become an issue if not nipped in the bud. My intention is to keep the 2.7 as my main vehicle but have the V8 for weekends, so to speak: My work takes me around 35 miles per day, mainly town driving and comparing fuel consumption, the diesel wins hands down but as for sheer "Grin" factor, the sound and performance of the V8 is second to none. I drive a V8 truck and my logo on the registration plates say it all "You're never late with an eight". Thanks guys Martyn
  14. Hi all I've got a 3ltr v6 s type my Sat nav won't come on and I can't eject the disc any ideas please ty

    1. Claws


      Hi John

      Have you checked your fuse? 



  15. Hi Everyone In the not too distant future (probably after Christmas), I will be on the lookout for an S Type - R. Can anyone steer me in the right direction as to any inherent problems or issues with these cars. I have been told to avoid pre-2004 but I'm not sure why (something to do with bore wear apparently) martyn