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  1. Purchased my s type about 6 months ago for a steal at the age of 32. Have always wanted an S type R but due to redundancy about a year ago and most of my cash going back into restarting a business the type R's going to have to wait. I thought the same about it being an old mans car to begin with, especially when my 54 year old dad calls it an old mans car and bought me a set of leather driving gloves and a flat cap as a joke.....He drives a Volvo XC60 the cheeky git. I think alot of it has to do with all the bling stuck around the windows and bumpers....does no good for my street cred
  2. Hi Susan XJS very nice! V12? Bet that sounds awesome!
  3. Scud

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  4. Hi Peter, You should give in to temptation and challenge the stereotype of the senior driver! I still hope to be exercising my right (road conditions permitting of course ;P) regardless of age. Mark
  5. Thanks Martin, To be totally honest I have always fancied a jag and saw mine for sale close to my home for very cheap with fresh 12 months mot and bought it more on impulse as my wife and I already have a car each. Not sure if I should be saying this on here but.... I really only got it with a view of getting 12 months out of it. Not the case now though, the Jag is fantastic and no longer view it as a 12 month disposable and will be looking after her well.
  6. It's nice to hear other people don't find it so bad but I think it's a colour more suited to the mature gent also given the type of car it is rather than myself, 32 and a little rough around the edges. Hope nobody takes offence as none intended.
  7. Some great looking Cars on here! British racing green and silver's are very nice. This is my first jag in lovely champagne really luv the car but hate the colour.... maybe a vinyl wrap at some point... bigger wheels, exhaust and window tints maybe.
  8. Hi Peter Have just got back from Europarts with some service goodies for the old girl now :) The E type and mk2 are beautiful car's, would be great if the S did. Mark
  9. Thanks for the welcome guys :) Honestly Zero's comment doesn't bother me, I've had other newer nice cars including a Lotus Elise, Honda S2000 GT, 530D but have always fancied a Jag. I spotted the S for sale a couple of towns away from my home, It had new 12 months MOT good tyres and no obvious problems so for £600 I'm VERY pleased!!!
  10. Thanks for the fast reply! Ok I'll have a go with the flush and new oil with crossed fingers.
  11. S-type 3.0 V6 is noisy when starting cold but seems to be ok after a minute or 2. My first though was maybe the oil pump? I really don't know has anyone else experienced this? I have uploaded a video to youtube
  12. Hi All, New Jag owner here, the opportunity came up a couple of week's ago for cheap 2000 S-type 3.0 V6 and I have to say I'm sold.... and will at some point look to change for the R. My sign up to the forums has really been prompted by a little niggle only developed in the last few days. Have noticed on cold start the engine sounds like a tractor... I will open a thread in the appropriate area of the site with a video. Thanks folks