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  1. Hey Mark, Its a 3 Plug ? and Thanks For The Help Still looking at The Mo
  2. Interesting? Very interesting! ^_^ Just Found this Company on Ebay For Any Jag X Owners With Module/Sensor Problems :( Worth a Look!....Comments Please Before i Buy, Its British,Brand New,Not OE i Know But Still Mmmm!!!!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/380237097276
  3. Thanks Peter In The Process at The Moment? B)
  4. Hi Jag Members, Ref: 4x43 - 15K866 - AC...HW02 SW03 CODE 01 Anybody Out There Have For Sale or Know Where i Can Purchase a Parking Aid Module? Forget Ebay or Main Agents!...Silly Prices 100 to 200-500 Pounds! Blimey i Know its a High Tech Piece of Equipment.. So i am Just Checking on Jag Club on Here! ( For You Sparkys Out There) I Have Checked The Wiring and its Getting 12v Live Supply to Green Wire Pin 6.. But Not Getting Live Current on Pin 11 and Pin 6 So Dead Module also i Think The reason Was at Some Time Somebody Left The Rubber Bung Out of The Whee
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