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  1. Hello all does anybody have a name or number for a garage in surrey or middlesex Thanks Malfin
  2. Thanks o.t.h I rang them that did not have what I wanted so I am having it reconditioned I will be up and running soon I hope. Regards Malfin
  3. Does any one know we're I can get a replacement rear diff for my xf 2008 2.7 with out getting the re designed one that you have to buy the prop shaft for Has my has gone and jaguar what 4 grand for it with prop shaft if any ones got a number I will be vary greatful Regard Malfin
  4. thanks mark i will try and get to bottle and have a look do you know how to get to bottle or can i clean bottle without taking it out. regards malcolm
  5. washer bottle warning does not go out after filling but wipers still work what can be wrong
  6. thanks very much paul i will book it in garage as i have 2 years warranty on it. it gives me something to ask about when i put it in . thanks regards malcolm
  7. there is no fuse in f3 the smoke still comes out from left side do you think there is a Proplem with the auxcliry heater or can it be something else any i dears will help when i take it to garage if i need to
  8. Where can I find the fuse to aux heater or what does it come under in the list of fuses if someone can help please Many thanks Malfin
  9. Hello Peter yes it is a 2.7 there is no leak no smell just a bit of smoke on the left side of car. it's there when I've pulled up at lights when I get out to look it's gone no smell Nothing the smoke just goes it's only happened 2 or 3 times in 2 mouths. Regards malcolm
  10. some times when i stop i get a some smoke or looks like smoke come from under bonnet when i get out and look under bonnet its gone does any one know what it can be
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