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  1. The S Type in question is a different system to the 2012, 2015 & definitely 2017 version offered on eBay. It runs on a single dvd. No provision for usb.
  2. Hi, I had a 2005 S Type and now have a 2007 XJ. Both have the same Sat Nav and unfortunately 2012 is the latest version, Jaguar or any other suppliers offer. Enjoy your S Type, I loved mine but couldn't run to having two Jags, Love the XJ as well though! Colin
  3. Hi All I have just swapped my '05 S Type for an '07 XJ Sovereign LWB. Same 2.7 TTD engine yet despite it being an ex government car with armour, it yields better fuel consumption, just over 40mpg. Unfortunately the rear entertainment system has died along with the radio and phone, all of which were working when I picked it up. If anyone has any ideas I'd be grateful. It's still a lovely car and despite the above I'm pleased with it. Thanks. Colin
  4. Changed my '05 S Type for an '07 XJ Sovereign LWB A.

    Beautiful Car!


  5. If you don't mind a longish haul, E & E Services Milton Keynes. (See top of this post). I've recently moved to Yarwell East Northants and still use them. Mark & David are great guys and fully trained. They do know their stuff. They've looked after my S TYPE for nearly 8 years now.
  6. Hi I've just moved from Leighton Buzzard to Yarwell Mill, Yarwell, Peterborough .
  7. Peter You'd also have one heck of a job seeing where you were going even with the headlights on. Unless you fit a radar system of course! You could always try getting your electric parking brake fixed and save all this trouble. Colin PS This post is going from the ridiculous to the sublime.
  8. Ken Thanks for that but I think the point being made is if something conductive touches the positive connection and either the body or negative connection no amount of fuses will protect the battery from being short circuted. Colin
  9. Hi Paul I was positive (no pun intended) that the + terminal was covered but have just been and looked. Like yours it is covering half of it and it is under the floor carpet so unless you drop something like a wheel brace across the two it's generally no problem. So Ok, Peter's plastic & duct tape would be useful here but I still don't see the point of covering the negative connection. My wife's Corolla only has the positive covered albeit a big red piece of moulded rubber that covers all of it, and that battery is in the engine bay! Colin
  10. Hi Peter & Paul Not sure I see the point of Peter's Heath Robinson plastic and duct tape on the negative terminal. By the way my '05 S Type has the positive covered. Back to Peter's 'fix'. The other end of the negative lead is connected to the body so in theory by both your thinkings didn't you ought to cover the whole car in plastic and duct tape?? Sorry not meaning to be rude but any 'live' wire touching the bodywork would cause a short. Anyway happy S Type motoring guys. Colin
  11. If your battery is in good condition I'd say just leave it. Longest I've left mine was while in the US/Canada for a month. I've had my S Type 6 years, do about 6000 miles a year and never had the battery off or on charge. Cheers Colin
  12. Hi Kevin, You can say I recommended them to you. I run the Jaguar Drivers' Club website and have a short article about them, http://jaguar17.co.uk/wordpress/visit-to-e-e-services/ Best wishes Colin
  13. If you don't mind a trip to Milton Keynes, E & E Services 38 Tanners Dr, Blakelands, Milton Keynes MK14 5BN 01908 218875. Mark & David are excellent. They look after my S Type. Colin
  14. ColinU

    Sat Nav

    Hi SST I don't know if the 2007 S Type has the same as the 2005. If so select Nav Menu then on the screen select Navigation Set up then Map Version The DVD is housed behind a cover on the left side of the boot. The DVD itself will have the year on it. Try http://www.satnav-update.com £29:00 for S Type disc. Colin
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