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  1. It depends why you are needing replacements ? The XE 'S' (with optional 20" alloys) appears to have an issue with the durability of the standard fit Pirelli P-Zero's. I had three of these as company cars and every one had to have tyres replaced due to sidewall 'bulges' They seem to fail due to normal use on our less than perfect roads, even without hitting kerbs. I did send one back to Pirelli to investigate for a possible warranty claim but got nowhere !
  2. I forgot to add, the link takes you to a 'go fund me' page from the USA but the details of the UK account to donate are also listed !
  3. As some of you may know, Jaguar legend Norman Dewis is not in the best of health. Members of the wider Jaguar community have set up an appeal to help him, please follow the link below.
  4. The Luxury was 'base' spec for the XF so didn't have power fold mirrors as standard. It does have dual climate control however, so you should be able to independently adjust driver and passenger temperatures ?
  5. Sound like the car is in 'VALET' mode ? Does your car have the touchscreen navigation system, if so, I think that the valet mode is activated and deactivated by entering a 'PIN' number ?
  6. The navigation system runs off a separate DVD drive in the boot. I think the last update disc available is 2012 ?
  7. Michelin Pilot Sport 4's were my choice after reading every tyre test that I could find !
  8. I don't know how big a job it would be to source the hard drive system from a breaker ?
  9. Unfortunately, no. The satellite navigation on the 'facelift' XF is hard drive based rather than on a removable disc. The SE version doesn't have a hard drive so hasn't got navigation and cannot store 10 CD's worth of music (unlike the rest of the range)
  10. Hi Steve, why not keep the car as a 'spare' ? Always handy to have an extra one around the place !
  11. If you want it to look like you ram raided Halfords and some of the bits stuck, carry on ! Plastic 'chrome' is down to personal preference I suppose, but to me it ruins the car. To each his own ?
  12. I think the 3.0D 'S' (275ps) Sportbrake had wider alloys on the rear but the 2.2 and 3.0D (240ps) versions, including the R-Sport, were the same width all round.
  13. The SE was the entry model in the XF range, unlike the SE trim level in the X-TYPE and S-TYPE line up. Therefore the SE model did not have sat nav, the SE business edition did. Your car will be the 'facelift' model XF, so the satellite navigation system was hard drive based rather than a DVD unit in the boot. I don't know what you would need to add the satellite navigation feature or even if it is possible ? The SE did not have the ability to store CD's on the hard drive either, I take this to mean that the hard drive is not fitted so unfortunately it will take more than a software update to enable navigation.
  14. I would suggest that what you have is a normal XK that has had the XK60 bodykit fitted at a later stage (unless you have owned the car from new) The X150 version of the XK appeared in showrooms in March / April 2006, the press cars were late 2005 as far as I can remember. The bodykit fitted to the 2008 XK60 'special edition' was available to buy as a dealer fit accessory to 'retro fit' onto any 4.2 XK. If you let me have the last 6 digits of your chassis number, I can run the car through our system at work to find out the original build spec and designation ?
  15. Caesium blue one has now been sold, currently have a Santorini Black one with the two tone jet/light oyster which is also very nice ! Occasionally, I really love my job.