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  1. I had to replace the condenser on my 2015 XE 'S' A known issue, but Jaguar wouldn't replace under Approved warranty.
  2. Think he means the engine cooling fans ?
  3. Thanks much appreciated

    1. The Voices

      The Voices

      Not a problem, hope you get it sorted.



  4. First thing to do is check the battery voltage, these cars are prone to throwing up 'spurious' fault messages (ABS, gearbox, DSC not available, etc) if the battery is not in excellent condition. It may still have enough power to start the car, so you think it can't be the battery, but a search on the forum will show how many issues are solved with a new battery. Hope this helps.
  5. If you paid £37k for it when it was 18 months old and it is now worth £16k at 5 years old, that is £21k depreciation in 42 months. £500 per month depreciation is about what I would expect on this type of car ?
  6. Hi Wayne, hope it is just the fuel, I believe that it deteriorates fairly quickly when the car is not used.
  7. A Jaguar dealer should be able to provide the original code and supply a key from the chassis number, they may ask for various 'proof of ownership' information before supplying anything. The new key fob will need to be programmed to the car, usually main dealer needed to do this ?
  8. If the car has been stood for 2 years, I would suspect that the fuel in the tank is not up to much ? Worth siphoning out what you can and putting in a few gallons of fresh fuel maybe ?
  9. Might be worth paying for a main dealer diagnosis, you can then use whoever you want to do the work once you know what the solution is ?
  10. Contact Jaguar customer service ? It is only a year out of manufacturers warranty, I would expect some goodwill from them.
  11. I only ever use Shell V-Power (99 octane), the ECU is supposed to be able to 'learn' and adjust itself to improve performance when supplied with better quality fuel. Could all be in my head but for the small premium over 'branded' 93 or 95 octane, it can't do any harm.
  12. It isn't 'behind' the number plate on the S-TYPE. The keyhole is located above the number plate on the boot plinth that houses the number plate lights, to the left hand side if looking at the car from the back. I would suggest spraying WD40 or similar into the keyhole before trying your key, the manual lock doesn't get used often and can be hard to turn.
  13. I would guess it will be the 'clock spring' (squib) that is causing the problem ? Had the same issue with my car but also accompanied by the airbag warning light flashing. Replaced the clock spring unit and problem(s) solved.
  14. I don't know unfortunately, never heard of anyone having to replace one ?
  15. Probably cheaper to get one from a breaker and pay to get it fitted ?
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