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  1. Iv`e notice when photos are rated there are a lot of low one star ratings why ? there are photos of someones Jaguar gleaming on there drive , there pride and joy then some one gives it one star ? Seems very odd to me that you are a member of a jaguar owner club and rate the cars as low . any one else noticed ?
  2. markc

    my car

  3. all fitted, I didn`t want to drill hole or have button in view so just slotted the wires through the the gap , cant see it when sat in the car , you don`t think you`ll miss a clock in a car until you don`t have one
  4. just a quick mock up to see that it all fits when I`ve fitted it properly I`ll put a pic up pity they didnt do green only blue or red but a lot better than half a faded clock motor cycle not motercycle . soz I`m tired lol
  5. when I bought my car , private sales , it had new MOT with two new (budget ) tires on the back which was quite good fun going sideways round corners in the wet but couldnt really afford to replace them . One of the front tires was a bit worn so looked around for a pair but then got a bit suspish when i went by the " your speed is " signs and I was doing 35mph but clock was reading 40mph , as i have xj8 17inch wheels on I did a bit of research and found the size hadnt been worked out right for the car so need to replace all 4 grrr Luck for me though my mechanic races in the toyota sprint series and races with Jonny Milner motorsport who has a huge tire place a few miles from Hull so I got him to work out the right size and I got 2 x toyos with 7mm tread and 2 x dunlop sport with 7mm tread for £165 fitted and balanced bargain, handles like a mini now lol J
  6. not an expert but I had mine seviced and the original jag oil filter that was in was made by Mann and the one I got fitted was just a Mann one so apart from paying more from jaguar you are getting the same thing OIls etc are listed in your Vehicle care handbook I have a 95 x300 so it will be the same book - drain and fill 4.0 litre supercharged 7.3 litres
  7. Hi fellow jag owners I`m mark from East Yokshire and have a `95 Sovereign lwb 4 seater
  8. markc

    mark c my Jaggg

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