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  1. Hi Dave Had a similar problem with mine last year ,turned out it was the battery. Seems you need to keep a good voltage otherwise the electronics go haywire ! All the best Graham
  2. Hi Jon If it's anything like mine the only way to get a good blast of either hot or cold air to the rear is to set the front to vents only . Hope that was of use . Regards Graham
  3. Hi Chaps Thought I would share this with you, just returned from a week's holiday and left the jag xf at home. Went to start it and nothing except a lot of warning lights, abs fault dsc to name a few!. Although not a member I called the AA battery assist line., booked a time slot and they came out today. Chap checked it over and as I suspected the battery had died after 6.5 years. He had the replacement which he duly fitted, but be warned the long bolt has a tendency to rust in and snap off , fortunately he used a freeing agent. To avoid messing up the electronics he used a slave battery while the new one was installed. Be warned this does not stop the electronics going awol , the chap spent an hour on his pc clearing all the faults touch wood she now drives fine. The cost for the call out ,new battery ,labour and diagnostics came to a reasonable £290 and a 5 year guarentee. Hats of to the AA. Graham
  4. Hi Chaps Recently had the unfortunate experience of breaking down with a snapped v belt on my 2012 xf 3.0 premium luxury. The vehicle was recovered and taken to my Jag main dealer. On further inspection it turned out the cause was due to the water pump pulley which had sheared off leaving me with an eye watering bill of nearly £900 !!! Although 5 years old she has only covered 30000 mls . I am currently taking up the matter with customer service at Jag HQ , my dealer showed little interest which lead me to suspect this may be a common problems. Would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced similar problems. Graham
  5. Hi Matt Just checked on my 2012 xf premium luxury it measured 3cm so yours sounds about right. Not sure if yours is the same spec but when locking you just need to hold it down gently and the electric motor pulls it down to lock. Graham
  6. Hi Chaps Now that winter is upon us and frosty mornings are the norm I have noticed a problem or rather inconvenience with my Jag xf premium luxury in so far as when unlocking the mirrors do not turn out . They seem to be prone to freezing up although a splash of hot water does the trick. Has anyone else experienced similar problems, if so any useful tips, I was thinking of spraying with WD 40. Wishing everyone a happy new year Graham
  7. Hi Welcome to the club, in answer to your question regarding the reversing mirror the following works on my 2012 xf premium luxury From home screen go into vehicle security, select windows/ mirrors you should see reverse mirror dip , select on or off. This works for me but dependant on your model it may have been an optional extra i think it only works if you have the folding mirror option. Hope that helps Regards Graham
  8. Hi Mario My research led me to EU no 1194/2012 implementing directive 2009/125/EC annex IV table 9 which suggests a life of 6000 hours at least 15 years worth of indicating !! Another site worth looking at is what is the lifespan of led car lights. I'm sure there are small electronic companies able to repair these units, shame we seem to be a throw away society. Returning to my experience after driving back from my dealer the next day they started working again and to date they have been fine I can only assume a loose connection surprised jag couldn't find it ! Will be interested to hear how you get on,good luck. Graham
  9. Hi Chaps I own a 2012 jag xf 3.0 premium luxury running on 245x55 x18 Goodyear's .A number of websites recommend 31psi all round which sounds bit low particularly if you are on a motorway, for high speeds jag recommend 38psi Since I do a mixture I shall try an average of 35 all round. Would be interested to hear views on what would be the ideal pressure for every day driving. Graham
  10. Hi After having been told I needed a new headlight 2 days later it sparked back into life ,no idea how ,jag dealer is still looking into it. Just hope it is not one of those irritating intermittent problems . anyway at least for the moment I've saved £1000!! Thanks guys for all your support.
  11. Thanks Frank and to those who responded,seems mine being the facelift model incorporates non serviceable LEDs ,from what I have researched they should last the life of the car ,EU legislation gives a minimum of 6000 hrs ,that's a lot of left turns about 16 years!! Will be banging on the door of my main dealer in Hertfordshire tomorrow for an explanation.will keep you updated . Regards Graham
  12. Hi Everyone I am the owner of a 2012 jag xf premium luxury which I have had since new,yesterday the ns front indicator packed up ,since the main dealer in Welwyn is just down the A1 I popped in hoping all would be sorted out, not so apparently I was told I would need a complete headlight unit ,indicators are built in and are non servicible!!! quoted fitted cost over £1000!! .As the car is only out of warranty by 6 months and quoting sections of the consumer act they are taking it up with Jaguay direct.Hoping to hear outcome next week in the meantime it's hand signals!! Anyone else had a similar experience. Graham