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  1. Hi Philip, I've just been outside to check my 2011 XF-S. No such lights on any of the doors, so I'd guess that yours are some kind of after-market addition, so probably difficult to find a fix to make them all work. Cheers, Jon
  2. Hi Everyone, The only think that lets down the appearance of my XF is the wheels. Two are 'OK' the other two are embarrassing (not my fault - inherited!) Problem is, they are 20" Selina wheels with mostly knackered plastic fins. Can anyone suggest a wheel restorer in Sussex or at least the south east? Cheers, Jon
  3. Hi Ian, Yes, exactly that. I live in West Sussex, took my XF to "All That Gleams", near Guildford in Surrey. They did a complete valet and applied the ceramic coating. It took a few hours (large car), but the appearance is well worth it, and I had a long breakfast while reading a book in the nearby pub! Cheers, Jon
  4. Hi Dave. Completely agree with everything Paul said, but prefer the original interior. Mine's an XF-S Portfolio (3.0d), 2011. Goes and handles brilliantly; a car that big shouldn't do what it can do! It runs rings around my wife's Audi TT! Only things that caused my bank balance to shudder are: Tyres, tyres and more tyres (Heavy right foot!) Rear wishbones Inlet manifold Recently had it ceramic coated, transformed the look. almost keeps itself clean, like a good cat should 😉 Currently working myself up to the issue of replacing the timing belt, but due to the lockdown,
  5. Hi Paul, My vote would be 'no' - subtlety is everything, mostly! My 2011 s Portfolio has a single S on the bootlid, that's enough for me, just so those who've been overtaken understand how/why! Great looking car though! J
  6. Hi Philip, Firstly, welcome to the group! Secondly, I also have a 2011 XF 3.0 (S Portfolio). Thirdly, with no doubt whatsoever, it's the best car I've ever had, best car I've ever driven regularly (can't count the track day in a Lamborghini!) As for battery issues... I've had my XF for about 3 years now. Became worried about the battery quite early on (not sure why, but it seemed like a 'peace of mind thing'), so had it replaced. Since then, in the early days, it had lots of long runs - from Sussex to Manchester and regularly across to Ireland. When retirement & l
  7. Jon Hyde

    New car

    Hi Wojciech, Looks nice, miles are low, but personally, I can't stand the more recent plasticky interior, pretty much as BigJohn said on Friday. But any XF will bring a smile to your face! Cheers, Jon
  8. Hi Kevin, I've had that a couple of times... 1. When there was a leak in the inlet manifold (expensive fix!!!) 2. A silly glitch in the software, solved by a reset at my local indy dealer who I bought the car from (free reset) I hope yours is the latter, but best get it checked out! Cheers, Jon
  9. It's a definite yay from me! Had mine done a couple of months ago, and even in the current filthy weather, it almost seems to keep itself clean! Well worth the money! Cheers, Jon
  10. Hi Sean, An XF was always my dream car, so upon retirement, I took the leap with a 2011 XF-S Portfolio. Upsides always outweigh the downsides! Upsides... Goes like a greyhound on steroids, corner like a scalextric car, rides sooooo soft too. Downsides... Brake discs, inlet manifold. Costly fixes, but maybe peculiar to mine. Would I but it again?... In a heartbeat! Just do it! Cheers, Jon
  11. Hi Paul, I think that the nature of this group is to support people with difficulties, questions, etc., so it's easy to get the impression that things can be worse than they are. Back in 1983, I made a bad mistake by buying an old XJ6 4.2l. It was a monster and I was naïve. Between then and now, I had only company cars, loads of them! None were perfect, none were terrible. Two years ago came (semi!) retirement and my first owned car in decades. Always wanted an XF, had to be an 'S', had to be portfolio spec. Found one on an '11 plate. It's had a couple of minor issues (brak
  12. Maybe we need a new topic... Our car history / how we got to here? J
  13. Hi Peter, Car History... Ford Anglia 1200 (cost £110, was a 1965, bought in 1973) Sunbeam Stiletto Ford Cortina 1600E Triumph 1300TC Ford Zodiac Ford Zodiac again Jaguar XJ6 (nightmare) Ford Capri JPS (Wedding - 1983) Vauxhall Cavalier From then, company cars all the way... Renault 18 Ford Escort Mk3 Vauxhall Astra GTE (got me a ban for speeding) Nissan SX Vauxhall Calibra Vauxhall Calibra turbo 4WD Subaru Imprezza turbo Lexus IS200 Lexus IS200 again Renault Laguna Renault Laguna again Citroen DS5 Mercedes A220D Bought my beloved XF-S t
  14. Hi Peter, You have my respect as a calming influence on all of the "OMG it's a risky buy" when considering a secondhand Jaguar Little bit of history... Back in 1983, I made the biggest mistake ever and bought an 4.2l XJ6, which did 6mpg and only one fuel tank that worked). WTB said "That has to go!", so bought a Ford Capri JPS. (Black, Gold stripes, gold seats; you get the picture!) History has furnished me with some lovely and some not so lovely cars, but I've never lost my joy of driving. However, while I always listen to your sage-like advice, I've recently swapped
  15. This seems a bit odd. One thing I noticed when I got my XF-S Portfolio was how quickly it started warming the interior. From a cold start, I have warm air within a mile or so, if it's really cold, heated seats do the job too. Seriously, after many years of nice cars, the XF trumps them all for getting warm in the morning, so maybe you need to have yours investigated? J
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