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  1. I had the same problem, went to my nearest Jaguar dealer - they removed the previous owner for free ("Just but your next one from us" they said!). Still can't get the remote app to work though - it's asking for a PIN, which I have no knowledge of - tried the usual suspect - 1926 - to no avail, and can't see anyway to reset the PIN. Ho Hum!
  2. Hi Paul, Must admit, I'm surprised! Thought electric mirrors were a standard fitment on all XF's! So we all learn something! J
  3. Hi Paul, There should be two buttons (left/right mirror select) and a joystick for adjustment. Pressing the two buttons together should fold/unfold the mirrors Cheers, Jon
  4. Hi Phillip, An old conundrum I've struggled with for ages (even with an early TomTom)! I'd love to believe the SatNav, because I would guess that the speedo overestimates by a bit (two reasons: makes the car look faster, might also save you points). Just had to do a speed awareness waste of time (AKA Speed Awareness Course, of course!) for being flashed at 45 in a 40 limit in the middle of Wales, returning from an Irish ferry. It was 02:00am. How P'd O was I? Enormously!!! They're out to get ya, just play safe!!! J
  5. Hi Frank, I had the same issue with my previous XF. It was caused by a cracked inlet manifold. I don't remember the cost to replace it, but it wasn't exhorbitant.
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