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  1. Hi Jim, Sad news. Tell me about the photography tho! Are you on Flickr or other photo sites? Cheers and good luck, Jon
  2. Hi Keith, Sounds like bodywork protection to me, a bit like Williams ceramic coating mebbe? Cheers, Jon
  3. Hi Kim, I agree! A couple of swipes gets it sorted, but I would quite like the cooler glow of LEDs anyway! Also in the footwells, vanity mirrors. etc. Cheers, Jon
  4. Hi Chris, I understand your point, but there's a but... You've had your XF for 10 months of it's 10 years... Maybe the problems were caused by how it has been treated in the past? I'm not a Jaguar evangelist, just love to be in one, driving it, generally I find the XF to be pretty solid, certainly better than my previous ride, a 2017 Mercedes (company car). I'm honestly not having a go - mine had stupid tyres (previous owner's choice) and needed a brake overhaul when I got it (wear and tear) - I'm not sure it's down to rubbish parts, just age? Cheers, Jon
  5. Hi Wessley, My 2011 XF-S has the same problem - there is another thread on here about that. Apparently it's caused by heat. Haven't cured it yet, but it seems the way forward is to swap over to LED bulbs, which I intend to do as soon as I work out how to remove the light fittings front and rear. Cheers, Jon (also originally from Essex!)
  6. Hi Alex, This is very similar to what happened with my 2011 XF-S. Bought it last October, was fine for a couple of months, but the developed a shudder when braking. Almost at the same time, the right rear brakes seemed to lock on, causing immense heat in the disc and even the wheel. Took it back to the indy dealer I bought it from who replace all four discs and eight pads. Not covered by warranty, so cost me about £600. Can't put a price on safety though, so not too upset really. Brakes superbly now though. As an aside, the previous owner (one owner car, owned by a doctor, no less!) had been fitted with really cheap tyres - 'Triangle', made in China, totally useless in the wet, so replaced them with Pirelli P-Zeros within a month of buying the car - handling transformed! Glad yours is sorted now like mine is! Cheers, Jon
  7. Hi Peter, I've not used them, but it might be worth a search here: Good luck with getting it sorted! Cheers, Jon
  8. Hi Seamus, My XF (2011) is somewhat older than your XE, but... In "normal" mode ("D", no dynamic mode, DSC on) it's somewhat relaxed from standstill. Still hustles after a second or so, but relaxed. However, swapping to Sport mode for the gears, dynamic mode for the chassis and TRAC DSC transforms it. Honestly, all hell breaks loose! I think the ability to choose the character of driving you want on any given day is great! Guess which I mostly go for!!! I reckon you just need to play with the options, find a narrow bendy road and look at your grin in the mirror!!! Cheers, Jon
  9. My 2011 doesn't have it. 😞
  10. Just my 2p's worth... If we all move to electric, aren't we just shoving the emissions up to the electric generators, at least until they are all powered by wind/solar/ whatever. Also, there are (I believe) some quite toxic materials in batteries, that will need to be dealt with by future generations. Frankly, I don't differentiate between diesel & petrol; just happen to have a diesel atm. Often thought about a Tesla, but it all comes down to range and charging times. When it gets to the point where I can drive 300+ miles and then refill (recharge) anywhere in 5mins, it becomes viable, but not yet! Just my 2d's worth (in old money!) J
  11. BTW, also from Essex. Tilbury. Now in Sussex J
  12. Hi Allan, Its sad that you've had a bad experience. Back in 2013, I bought an old XJ6. Bad move! Always loved, craved for a Jaguar, but bought a bad one! This was a week before I got married... Wife to be said... That goes or I do! Swapped for a Ford Capri JPS. Relationship rescued! 36 years later, have a lovely XF-S, car of my dreams
  13. This may seem a bit basic, but... I used to have a Mercedes with an SD card based SatNav and over time the contacts became oxidised. A quick wipe with alcohol always sorted it. I gather vodka works best, but always used gin!!! Cheers, Jon
  14. HI, I have found that Miller's Diesel Eco-Max, along with using premium diesel has transformed my XF-S 3.0D since I bought it last October. Quieter, more responsive, more economical! I occasionally do a very long trip to Ireland, but apart from that, short local trips. In the 10K miles I've done, I've only had one "Regen Needed" message; quick blast around (a bit of) the M25 and it went away. Obviously, I don't know if that would have been different if I didn't go for premium diesel and the Miller's, but for a car that's lucky to do 100 miles a week, apart from a long one every couple of months, together with all the DPF problems I read about, there must be something in it! I'm no expert on the relative merits of one additive over another, but for the future, I'll stick with Miller's. Just wish I knew if it's Miller's or Millers 🙂 Cheers, Jon
  15. Me too! But yesterday I was berated by a somewhat elderly lady in a Fiat 500 because my XF doesn't fit in the parking spaces at our local CoOp. It was encroaching on the one she wanted to use behind mine. Anyway, she said that if I didn't move forward, she would move in and touch the back of my XF with her Fiat. Completely absurd, since with a good 12" between the cars, hers was still well within her parking space. And don't get me started about parking space widths!