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  1. Sounds more like castor angle to me. Any recollection of going over a pothole?
  2. Hi Tony, I don't know about the 2017 XF, but on my 2011 version, I only see the Outside temp when the 'Home' screen is displayed. No idea if that relates in anyway to a 2017 model, but might be worth a try. Cheers, Jon
  3. Hi, I would have thought the thing to do would be to get a reason for the need to replace them: Uneven wear - tracking or pressures Cuts - bad roads (talk to the council!) Simple all over wear - slow down for corners 😉 But you didn't mention the number of miles driven, so if that's huge, there may be a good cause, but the number of tyres seems extreme in any case. As a reference, my 2011 XF-S has done roughly 10K miles (locally and many trips to Ireland) since I replaced the tyres last October (with Pirelli P-Zeros) and I can hardly notice any wear on any of them, I do have a famously heavy right foot too! One think I have noticed, is that the tyres seem to need a few miles to warm up at the start of each journey. It can easily kick the back out on a roundabout within a mile of home, but 5+ miles later, no problem. Hope you find the cause and a solution, because this simply doesn't sound right! Cheers, Jon
  4. Hi Colin, I reckon they're trying to apply averages to everyone, regardless of actual usage. My 2011 XF-S 3.0L has just hit 62K miles and I wouldn't expect that 'big' service to be due anytime soon. Must be worth dropping them an email explaining your actual mileage? Cheers, Jon
  5. Brilliant! I was considering swapping to LEDs for whiter light but thought they might make the problem worse. I think I'll just go for them after reading that. Can always get the circuit board swapped later if LEDs don't cure it. Thanks for sharing that, Jon
  6. I think you may be onto something with the heat thing! I've never had it happen at night! Hmmmm
  7. Thanks, Ian. I would mind if it was an everyday thing, but it's completely random. Of course they can by (eventually, after a couple of touches), be switched off, so it's really just an annoyance. Cheers, Jon
  8. Sorry if I've mentioned this before (age is a curse!), but does any other XF owner (2011-ish) have any experience of the interior light(s) above the windscreen and in the back, lighting up randomly when driving along?. In my case, it's mainly the centre light (with the back ones) and occasionally the one to the left of the centre one as well. After a few touches on the lens, it/they go off, but I simply wish they didn't light up in the first place! Any suggestions for a cure gratefully received! Thanks, Jon
  9. Pirelli P-Zero 255/35x20 works for me! grippy, quiet and great 'feel'
  10. I would like to suggest Arun Ltd., in Pulborough, West Sussex. Fair prices, calm and confident approach to everything. And, best of all, I had the opportunity to scrutinise the 'dirty bits' underneath my XF! Cheers, Jon
  11. Hi again Bob, Having said all of that, your system is probably a lot more modern, so possibly none of the above applies 😞. Still maybe worth checking for a country/region option though. J
  12. Hi Bob, Peter is right (for the XF as well). I often travel to Ireland to visit in-laws and just before boarding the ferry, I have to choose 'IRL' as the 'region' when selecting a destination. Same when returning, have to choose 'GBR' as the region. Cheers, Jon
  13. Hi M@v3ri1ck, Not sure if this would apply to a 2017 XF, but in my case (2011 XF-S) there was a musty smell from the pollen filter (replaced before collection) and a rattle from the window guides in the driver's door (also replaced or fixed). Also, a few months after I got the car, I had to replace all 4 brake discs and pads, not covered by warranty - c£950! Final thing, the previous owner had fitted £60 Chinese 'Triangle' tyres - horrible in the wet. Also replaced by nice new Pirellis for £800. MOT next month - eek! Love the XF though! Cheers, Jon
  14. Hi Alan, This is how I learned to change one of mine (2011 XF, but can't be too dissimilar?)... Hope that helps. Cheers, Jon
  15. Hi Steve, might be worth a try! Cheers, Jon