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  1. Jon Hyde

    Battery in XF

    Good luck Ian, hope you get a result! Cheers, Jon
  2. Jon Hyde

    Battery in XF

    Hi Ian, I have a 2011 XF-S and also do lots of very short trips, often with headlights on at this time of year. I have never had the failures you describe, but did occasionally get a battery low warning when parked and listening to the radio (only had the car since October). That worried me into buying a new battery and I haven't seen the warning since. Sounds like you may have a lazy alternator, maybe. Good luck! Jon
  3. Jon Hyde

    Fuel consumption and re-fuelling

    I have a 2011 XF-S 3.0d Portfolio - got it in October. Having taken on board advice from other members (especially Peter - thank you!) and swapping to premium diesel with an occasional shot of Millers Oil additive, I now regularly get 32-34mpg locally and an easy 42-46 on long motorway trips. I also do not 'spare the horses'! If I drop into sport mode I can easily drop that down to low 20's. But that's almost too much fun! Cheers, Jon
  4. Jon Hyde

    Window Tinting

    Hi Peter, Odd thing: I've never actually seen a sportbrake on the road, they seem to be as rare as hen's teeth around here! Do agree that tinting all of the back of one would be a little OTT, but I guess it depends upon how dark it is. On the flipside, all that glass could make for a very hot interior! I think the important consideration is not to go beyond what would have been available on the options list when new, especially in terms of darkness/colour. Cheers, J
  5. Jon Hyde

    Window Tinting

    Hi Peter, It's a 'factory' tint - pretty much like you would have if you ticked the box when buying new. Only done from the B-pillars back, I think anything in the front is illegal anyway. I do think it freshens the look though, and no problem yesterday getting rid of the frost on the back window with the window heater. Cheers, J
  6. Jon Hyde

    Swapping interior lights to LEDs

    Hi Dave, Thanks for that! Sounds like a little project for me too! Cheers J
  7. Jon Hyde

    Window Tinting

    Sorry if this upsets purists, but I felt my XF needed some tinted windows. Went to Ultimate Tinting Gatwick, had a superb job done by Dale, the proprietor, even though the extreme angle of the rear window made it a bit of a trial. I think it really lifts the look of the XF. What do you all think? J
  8. Hi Peter, Would he travel to West Sussex??? 😉 J
  9. Jon Hyde

    New to Jags..

    Hi Rhys, I was in your situation back in October - bought a 2011 XF-S! First car I've owned in 30+ years of company car driving. Still have a silly grin on my face every time I drive it! Enjoy yours!
  10. Hi All, Has anyone else considered swapping the bulbs in the interior lights for equivalent LED bulbs? Seems such a shame to have yellowish lighting in such a cool interior, but I worry about compatibility! Cheers, Jon
  11. Jon Hyde

    First Long Trip

    Hi All, Sorry if this is boring, but... Just had our first long trip in my XF. Kay & I went to a niece's wedding in Ireland, drove from Sussex to Holyhead for the Dublin ferry, over to Tipperary, tootled around a bit, then back via Rosslare and Fishguard. XF never missed a beat and was a total joy! Really impressed the relatives too. Biggest surprise?... Apart from the silly grin on my face, we averaged 42mpg. In no way hanging around either! Not bad for a 3.0L V6! Loving my XF more every day! Now, where's the sponge & car shampoo? Jon
  12. Jon Hyde

    Winter Coming Soon!

    Hi Peter, What is it about 1980s garages - do you think the planners decided they would never be used for cars anyway, so shrunk them. I used to have a Mercedes A Class, which would have squeezed in, but I would have had to spend the night in the car as no room to open the door! No chance of getting near it with an XF! Ho-hum! Jon
  13. Hi Paul, Thanks for that, but it's my interior lights that (used to - mysteriously stopped now) randomly go on & off while driving. Either way, it seems to have resolved itself! Thanks for your interest though. Jon
  14. Hi Peter, Well the Pirellis seem to do the business - car is transformed. Funny thing is, I didn't notice any issue until I got the car and pushed it a bit more than I did on the testdrive. Not checking the make of tyres was a schoolboy error - only excuse is that I haven't owned a car for 36y - always had company cars, but now easing back and self-employed. Either way, £800 is worth it for peace of mind.
  15. Jon Hyde

    Map pocket repair

    Galway Bay is beautiful - I've been fortunate enough to do lots of work there over the years. This time we're off to the wife's family home in Tipperary for a niece's wedding. Just hope it doesn't rain! (forlorn hope though!). Cheers, Jon