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  1. Hi Richard, My XF-S (2011, bought a year ago) arrived with Chinese 'Triangle' branded tyres, which were truly 'interesting' in the wet. Quickly swapped for a set of Pirelli P-Zeros (255/35-20), car was transformed! Good luck with your search, mine were roughly £200 a corner at Quik-Fit, plus a few £££s for tracking adjustment. Next job is to get the wheels refurbished, but the plastic 'blades (5 needed per wheel) seem to be incredibly expensive! Cheers, Jon
  2. Pirelli all the way for me! But at £200 a corner, quite expensive. Cheers, Jon
  3. Hi Joe, Completely agree! I regularly wring its neck, but when off to the in-laws in Ireland, I have a speed limiter in the passenger seat! So far, I find a mix of cruising n bruising works well. There isn't a week without dialling 'S' for a bit of fun. Cheers, Jon
  4. Hi Steven, I've had mu 3.0d V6 XF-S for just over a year since retiring (2011, 66K miles now). I find that on long motorway cruises, loaded with luggage, and with cruise control set at 77mph, I get about 47mpg. That seems very good to me, but if I hit some bendy stuff and go for sport mode, the fun increases in line with consumption (has been down to 18mpg, but still, so much fun!). So far, (fingers crossed!) no DPF issues, but I do use premium diesel and add Millers Oil additive every fill-up. I think it's about enjoying the drive though, whatever the cost! Cheers, Jon
  5. Hi Pete, my name for mine is even cornier: PussyGalore!
  6. Hi Andrew, Seems we have similar cars! Mine has just crept over 62K miles; I bought it just over a year ago. Anyway, as for holding onto gears... My experience is that the car doesn't rev very high at all. rarely over 1500-2500rpm unless I go for 'S' rather than 'D', in which case it's happy to rev to the redline at every opportunity it gets. I understand that this probably isn't much help (unless you regularly go into 'S' mode!), but hopefully it reassures you that it isn't normal behaviour to overrev in 'D' mode. Hopefully the bill won't be too eye-watering! Cheers, Jon
  7. Hi Trev, Completely agree about those wheels! I know the 20" ones ride a bit more harshly and the tyres are costly, but I wouldn't swap them! Sounds like it has lots of interesting toys, but for me, manual seats would be a big turn-off. All in all tho, if you like it, buy it, you can always swap the wheels! Good luck! Jon
  8. Hi Ash, Have you got the latest iOS - iOS13.1.2? iOS13 seems to have been very troublesome, hence the 3 newer versions. I'm not sure, but I seem to recall car connectivity and Bluetooth issues being fixed at 13.1.2 (but that may have been for users of Apple CarPlay). Good luck! Jon
  9. Hi Rory, I know this may be somewhat controversial, but I thought I should relate my own experiences with DPF regeneration... I bought my 2011 XF-S (3 litre V6 diesel) almost exactly a year ago. Most regular trips are of less than 10 miles, maybe two or three times a day. There is usually a longer run at weekends, maybe 75-100 miles. Also, I regularly travel to Ireland, visiting in-laws, which includes a run to the ferry in Wales and over to Tipperary on the other side. This tends to be about every 2 or 3 months. So far I've only seen one amber warning about needing a regen, which took a few minutes to complete. Car averages about 28mpg locally and up to 45mpg on the runs to the ferry. Like many others on here, I always use premium diesel, with a shot of Miller's Oil diesel additive in every tankful. I hope this isn't tempting fate, but so far, so good! Car has just had a 'B' service and somehow seems smoother & quieter for it! Oh, and I just can't resist the 'shove' from the V6! Good luck with whichever you choose, XFs are a lovely place to be! Cheers, Jon
  10. Hi Mark, I have a 2011 XF-S, the Portfolio version, and a very old iPod which I only keep for its 160Gb capacity. They work fine together, so either something has changed between XF model years or there's something wrong with your iPod. My XF has the same sockets as yours (Aux & USB) and the iPod works fine when plugged into the USB socket. My more recent iPhone also plays music and makes/accepts calls both via Bluetooth. Have you had any opportunity to try a different iPod? I do have to restart mine occasionally, might be worth a try. Best of luck, Jon
  11. Hi Paul, I'm wondering if there's some grease or other contamination fooling it into thinking that it's being touched. Maybe a careful wipe with a little alcohol or glass cleaner might help? I had a similar problem some time ago and a good clean cured it straight away! Cheers, Jon
  12. Jon Hyde

    Boot release

    Mine just 'releases', lifting by about 1cm, regardless of whether I use the remote or the internal button. Didn't seem to be a problem and hadn't given it any thought until I saw this thread. Now have 'boot lid jealousy'! Cheers, Jon
  13. Hi Ryszard, Further to Grahame's reply, I just checked the owner's manual for my 2011 XF, and there is no mention of switching the guidelines on or off, I'm afraid to say. It must be a more recent addition! Cheers, Jon (Also in Sussex!)
  14. Hi All, Just a quick query: What would be a reasonable price for a 'B' service on a 2011 XF-S (3.0L Diesel)? Cheers, Jon
  15. Hi Glenn, I'm surprised, but a phone call should clear things up, as Nick suggests.