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  1. Hi Steve, Personally, I think I'd take the 'safety' margin on the speed. It might be a radar gun one day and the 3mph (10%) buffer might be useful! Also, taller tyres, while possibly quieter, might soften your handling. Personally, I've always really liked the low profile look (my XF has 255/35x20s) And, what about wheel arch clearance on full lock? Unfortunately, not the sort of thing you can have a trial run with. Cheers, Jon
  2. Hi Terry, Totally understand what you're saying about Mercedes vs. Jaguar! I recently retired at 62 after years and years of various company cars (was a shock to have to tax and insure a car for the first time in decades!). Was originally considering a C Class, but had always had a hankering for an XF. Tried both, in various guises, but the XF won hands-down! I think the word we're looking for is 'soul'. MB cars are efficient and tidy, but I've yet to find one with the grin factor of my XF. I know the XF is a few years old (2011) but to get the same fun from a Mercedes (or Audi, BMW, et al) would have blown my budget. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I am mine! Cheers, Jon
  3. Hi Neal, I got some lovely colour matched mats for my XF from Well worth a look! Nice looking X BTW! Cheers, Jon
  4. Hi Rod, That must be a nice drive by Jaguar! Over the past few years I've had several trips up to Ryedale, for work, but in various company cars. Bought my XF last October when I (semi) retired, no chance yet to 'go north', but have had a few trips across to my in-laws in Tipperary. Cheers, Jon
  5. Hi, My 8x20" wheels need a bit of a tidy-up. Can anyone recommend a wheel refurbishing company in the West Sussex area? There's an additional problem in that some of the spokes have plastic 'blades' attached, which will probably need replacing as well. Are these likely to be available? Thanks in advance for any help / advice! Cheers, Jon
  6. Hi James, I also have a 2011 XF. I don't think there's a setting to silence the indicator's clicking (it might even be a legal requirement for it to click). In my XF, it sounds like a mechanical clicking (not the modern synthesised rubbish!) from behind the instrument binnacle. Sounds like a relay or something needs replacing. Good luck! Jon
  7. Hi Carpo, Further to my previous post, I found that gives accurate results (at a cost of about 7euros), absolutely correct for both my XF-S and my wife's TT. I didn't learn much, but it was interesting! Cheers, Jon
  8. Hi Colin, Interesting post! I think I'll give your suggestion a go, always prefer to be in control rather than controlled (unless it's wet or icy!!!). My 2011 XF-S brakes well, but when the brakes have warmed up, I get a slight shudder and rumble from the front. I assume that means I will soon need new disks - not looking forward to that bill! Cheers, Jon
  9. Hi Carpo, Your experience seems very similar to my own - the car identified was nothing like mine (although it was a Jaguar, just not an XF!). Tried again for my wife's Audi TT - site came back with an Audi A4. It's a pity - would have really liked to know the exact spec when the cars were ordered. Ho hum! Jon
  10. Hi Richard, It does actually, on p39. But I wonder why they bother to give the option - why wouldn't u want them to be in automatic mode? Just another Jaguar quirk, I guess! Hope you enjoy your XF!
  11. Hi all, My 2011 XF has little red lights in the rear light clusters that show a red light to each side. There are also (apparently) similar amber ones in the front clusters, but the never seem to light up! Does anyone know if this is intentional for the UK market (I believe they're essential in the USA), or do I have a problem to fix? Thanks in advance for any comments/help! Cheers, Jon
  12. Perfect! Thanks Graham! Jon
  13. Thanks Graham, Hadn't thought of that! I'll give it a go later today. Cheers, Jon
  14. Sorry if this is a silly question, but... I can never feel any air coming from the centre rear air vents in my XF (hand between seats over vents!). Do they only blow air if the rear seats are occupied, or is there something wrong? Cheers, Jon