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  1. Hi Darren, Have you tried the other key &/or replacing the battery in the key(s). Mine chewed through batteries in what I call the 'old' key (was trying to keep the other one pristine for no good reason!). As for your rear door - sounds like a dodgy solenoid or wiring or maybe water ingress to the door? Hope you get it sorted, Cheers, Jon
  2. Well, I'm in much the same position (I'm 65), however I'm told I still drive too fast!
  3. For what it's worth: my 2d(!) worth... My last company car before I retired (3y ago) was a Mercedes with LED headlights and auto-dimming. Dipped beam coverage was OK but very white. Main beam was astonishing, but I always had to be wary of the car not dipping in time, if someone came toward me. This leads me to wonder if auto-dipping lights are a half-step too far; after all, it isn't a major hassle to pull the stalk toward you if you spot a car coming. Change of influence... "Steerable" headlights (anyone remember the Citroen DS?) are (IMHO) very useful. Lots of cars have mocked t
  4. Hi Gary, Oops - I misread your original post - I thought you were asking about the aircon vents inside - my bad! Apologies for that. Jon
  5. Hi Gary, In my XF (2011, XF-S Portfolio) they are def for real! I enjoy the "theatre" of the startup as the vents rotate and the gear selector emerges. All four vents blow cold (or hot) as desired, normally cold on my side, hotter on the boss's side. (Boss has her seat set to heat, mine to chill, mostly). Have to say as well, that I love the way the demisting/de-icing just works in the winter, and have now got over the annoyance of the heating elements in the screen Cheers Jon
  6. Oh my! The chips on the bonnet! 2011 XF-S, has a rash all over the front. It's had a ceramic coating, which looks fabulous all over, but does nothing for the chips up front. Thinking about a respray, but what's the point if it just gets chipped again! A related issue is (with big 20" wheels) road dirt gets thrown up along the sides. Wouldn't swap the wheels though. Car is metallic red, btw.
  7. Hi Daniel, There isn't one! It's all done electromagically, you have to run the engine for a bit, then switch off and wait for several minutes before pressing and holding the button on the left stalk. Car must be level and warmed up. Hope this helps!
  8. Hi Gary, Well, my story matches yours... Recently stopped working, gave back company car (Mercedes). Bought my forever dream car (XF-S Portfolio. There have been problems, but simply driving it is a pleasure. Problems: Cam covers Water pump Brake discs Tyres, tyres, tyres! (have a heavy right foot!) Points on licence! (See above!) If I were you, I'd go for pre-2011 with the best spec you can find. Others may disagree, but you cant beat the original! Need a pic of whatever you get tho!
  9. Hi All, Just had a short trip to the coast. On the way home, I had multiple messages - Battery, Overheating and lost power steering completely. I guess there's a broken belt somewhere, but am waiting for my local indy dealer to com e and take it away. In the meantime, any clues? Cheers, Jon
  10. Hi Philip, I understand what you would like, and would like that too, but cooling things, like seats (oh, the bliss!) needs an air supply from the aircon. Probably impossible, or at least very difficult to arrange to a steering wheel
  11. Hi all (especially those in Sussex), This is just a shout out for the team at Arun Automotive in Pulborough. I promise, I'm not affiliated with the company in any way, but simply want to recommend them as the go-to place for caring for your Jaguar. Even if you don't need anything fixed, it's worth a visit to dream about your next car (Mine's an F-Pace, so my wife tells me), but we'll see when next year rolls into play. Special mentions go to Andrew (service manager) so chilled and calm as in "of course it can be fixed Jon" and Duncan, who sold me the second love of my life,
  12. Thanks John & Victor, I'll have a look! Cheers, Jon
  13. Hi All, Yesterday, the guidelines in my reversing camera failed to display. I know they're not the best, but better than nothing, and I'd like them back! Embarrassingly, I can't find my owner's handbook to look for clues (I'm sure it will turn up one day !!!), but if anyone knows of a way to get them back, I'd really appreciate it! Cheers, Jon
  14. Hi Simon, Thanks for that, once I get my cracked cam cover replaced, I'll be off to one of your suggestions. Cheers, Jon
  15. Hi Darren, No cause given so far, but I'm a bit annoyed that the righthand side cover was fixed a few months ago (similar cost), so why not do both at that time? Most of the cost is the labour, which surely wouldn't have been doubled if replacing both, as most of is is stripping down and rebuilding. Humph! Jon
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