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  1. Hi Martin, XFs haven't had a temp gauge since the first version - mine is a 2011 XF-S without one. I worried about it at first - how to tell when it's warm enough to 'go', how to tell if it's suffering? Some people get an app for their phone which links to the diagnostics and give a realtime view of temperature, but I'm not sure I'd want to wedge my phone somewhere just to check it. Seems a strange omission from what is intended to be a 'driver's car', but it does keep things simple in the dashboard. Assuming wheel balancing is on point, you are possibly looking at a pair of discs soon - I had a similar issue - tremors when braking gently, fixed by having new discs fitted (in my case all round, just to be sure!). Not sure discs alone would cause a pull to one side though - wheel alignment maybe??? Glad you're enjoying your XF! In the last two years, since I bought it, mine has been over to Tipperary (visiting in-laws) about 10 times - it loves country lanes there! Cheers, Jon
  2. Hi All, There seems to be a lot of angst about satnav updates atm. I get mine here: So far, they have never failed me. Cheers, Jon
  3. Hi Darren, I would have, but there was a deluge just as I got home, hopefully later today! Cheers, Jon
  4. Hi, Just putting this out there no affiliation at all, but... Had my XF-S detailed at All That Gleams near Guildford. Stunning job (although still need to get the Selina wheels sorted) If you're in Sussex/Surrey, give them a go. Good hotel nearby for brunch too!
  5. Hi Dave, Wow - that is super-clean, and so few miles! Just had my '11 XF-S detailed near Guildford - was a shame to drive it home in today's weather, but they took a few tears off its appearance! Enjoy! Jon (also in Sussex)
  6. Thanks all for the replies! Can't have both (no room for three cars (SWMBO has an Audi TT). Don't use the XF as much as I used to (regular drives to Ireland to visit MiL, now sadly no longer with us). Having said that, I probably manage about 300 miles a week, driving just for the hell of it. Can't possibly consider a SUV of any kind (sorry Peter - just not as elegant as the XF!). But, in profile at least, the Tesla Model S is very similar the the XF, just wish it had a 'face' with even a mock grille. Decisions, decisions! Cheers, J
  7. So, here I am, 5 months away from taking my pension lump sum. My heart says keep the XF-S on the road, whatever the cost. The other half says 'get rid and buy a Tesla model S' I'm drawn by both, but emotionally. I want to keep the XF-S, but practically, I see the sense behind the Tesla. Help!!!
  8. Well... for what it's worth (not comparing apples with apples!)... My 2011 XF-S (3.0l) does about 29 mpg locally and up to 50mpg on a long motorway cruise.
  9. Hi Steven, Being a bit of a luddite, I have no music on my phone, so I have an old iPod permanently in the centre armrest, connected to the USB socket in there. iPhone does reliably connect via Bluetooth for phone calls. Congratulations on finding an XF-S with wheels that look to be in good condition - mine are somewhat tatty, but a refurb is expensive due to the shiny plastic spokes, I'll probably bite that bullet after the winter though as they let the car down. Cheers, Jon
  10. I still have the jitters when I contemplate driving my XF-S in snow or ice. I know there's the "winter" button. but 255/35x20 Pirellis don't sound ideal for slippery stuff! TDF photo btw Peter! This was Norway in 2013...
  11. Must be my week for typos! Cam cover replacement was £1.3K, not 13! D'oh!