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  1. Jon Hyde

    Winter Coming Soon!

    Hi Peter, What is it about 1980s garages - do you think the planners decided they would never be used for cars anyway, so shrunk them. I used to have a Mercedes A Class, which would have squeezed in, but I would have had to spend the night in the car as no room to open the door! No chance of getting near it with an XF! Ho-hum! Jon
  2. Hi Paul, Thanks for that, but it's my interior lights that (used to - mysteriously stopped now) randomly go on & off while driving. Either way, it seems to have resolved itself! Thanks for your interest though. Jon
  3. Hi Peter, Well the Pirellis seem to do the business - car is transformed. Funny thing is, I didn't notice any issue until I got the car and pushed it a bit more than I did on the testdrive. Not checking the make of tyres was a schoolboy error - only excuse is that I haven't owned a car for 36y - always had company cars, but now easing back and self-employed. Either way, £800 is worth it for peace of mind.
  4. Jon Hyde

    Map pocket repair

    Galway Bay is beautiful - I've been fortunate enough to do lots of work there over the years. This time we're off to the wife's family home in Tipperary for a niece's wedding. Just hope it doesn't rain! (forlorn hope though!). Cheers, Jon
  5. Jon Hyde

    Map pocket repair

    Ha! So that's why it bites back on wet roundabouts then! Do they like Guinness tho?
  6. Jon Hyde

    Map pocket repair

    Thanks Steve, It definitely is a struggle in the footwell, especially for someone who's 6'2" and 62yrs old ;-). I'll have a go at removal soon, but taking the cat on it's first long journey (since I got it) - off to Ireland this week - can't wait!!! Thanks again, Jon
  7. Jon Hyde

    Map pocket repair

    Thanks Peter, I'll give that a go! Thanks, Jon
  8. Jon Hyde

    Map pocket repair

    Oops, I guess a pic would help!
  9. Jon Hyde

    Map pocket repair

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can suggest how to repair (or who could repair) the map pocket on the back of an XF front seat? The bottom edge has come away from the main seatback. Looks simple to push back in, but no luck. I've no experience of fixing interior bits, and would really like it fixed as it's the only thing that lets the inside down. Cheers, Jon
  10. Jon Hyde

    Heated windscreen

    Hi Mike. Funny thing... Many years ago I had a Ford Scorpio with a heated windscreen; it was dreadful - couldn't ignore the elements in the glass. Just got a 2011 XF and was worried about the thought of the screen with wavy lines, but don't notice them at all unless I force myself to focus on the screen rather than beyond it. They seem to be much finer than in the Ford version. Maybe you're right and it's possibly a non-standard screen. Almost looking forward to a frosty morning to see what it can do now! J
  11. Hi All, Does anyone else have experience of the main interior and footwell lights coming on during a journey? I can turn them off by touching the main light above the mirror, but would (obviously) prefer that they don't do this! Also, just a note... Just got my XF-S a couple of weeks ago and thought it felt a bit 'sqirmy' in corners. Discovered that the previous owner had fitted £60 'Triangle' tyres! Unbelievable! So a quick trip to Kwik-Fit (pardon the dodgy pun) has got me fitted with four lovely Pirellis. Car is transformed! Cheers, Jon
  12. Jon Hyde


    Well, it finally arrived. Not many miles yet, but every one was a joy!
  13. Jon Hyde


    2011 XF 3.0D S arriving 06/10
  14. Jon Hyde


    Thanks both! Peter, Every car I've ever had seems to develop an odd squeak from the passenger seat at anything approaching the speed limit! Always goes away when driving solo though. Cheers, J
  15. Jon Hyde


    Sorry, should have mentioned, it's a 2011 XF 3.0D S Portfolio