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  1. Hi Mark, I've had many years of company cars and had to buy one of my own a year ago. Always wanted an XF, not a new one (no point @ 62! :-(! So found my dream car - a 2011 XF-S Portfolio! Couple of issues quickly fixed, now 10K miles on and still in awe If only it didn't chew up rear tyres, or is that my fault!? Friend has an XE, always wants to go places in my XF. QED!
  2. Hi all, I seem to have an issue with the parking brake on my 2011 XF-S... I don't like to upset drivers behind by resting my foot on the brake pedal in a queue, so pull the mini-lever to apply the parking brake. Mostly everything is fine when driving off - it automatically disengages, but occasionally, it keeps the right rear brake on. This give peculiar handling and rumbling sounds, with a distinct "pull" to the right. Does anyone have a similar experience, and hopefully a cure? Cheers. Jon
  3. Taking my cat to Tipperary tomorrow for my MiL's 96th birthday party on Sunday. Love the Irish roads, unsure about the M4 tho! Cat is full of Fancy Texaco diesel and a shot of Miller's Oil, aiming for 50mpg (some hopes!). Just hope Stena Line are on time 😕
  4. Hi Arthur, I buy from; discs are about £30 and (at least in my experience) work perfectly! Cheers, Jon
  5. Jon Hyde


    Hi Pete, As I keep reminding myself (in terror!), when I bought my 2011 XF-S (15 months ago), it had Chinese 'Triangle' tyres fitted. Horrendous! Quickly swapped for Pirelli P-Zero Assymetrico, immediate improvement! They were about £200 a corner at KwikFit (235/35x20), which I thought was reasonable. Rears will need replacing soon (too much S mode for the gearbox!!!). Apparently, the Pirellis are what Jaguar recommended at the time the car was made. Hope this helps and good luck with your search. Cheers, Jon
  6. BTW, I do have a heavy right foot too!!! 🙂 J
  7. Hi Dennis, 21 isn't good 😞 I get about 28mpg locally and up to high 40s on a long run. There must be something that can be adjusted or fixed to cure this. I'm no expert, but maybe someone else here can suggest a cure! Cheers, Jon
  8. Hi Vincent, Are you certain it's suspension related, or could it be something loose in the compartment under the boot/trunk floor? I had a similar experience, which turned out to be the battery retaining bracket bolt sheering, allowing the battery to bounce around! Good luck! Jon
  9. Hi Dennis, Mine (2011 XF-S 3.0D) always idles at 750rpm. Cheers, Jon
  10. Just checked my handbook. It does say that Bluetooth music is supported (haven't tried it yet though!) Cheers, Jon
  11. Hi Neil, I have a 2011 XF-S (3.0L Diesel). Locally I get high 20s and on long motorway trips with cruise control set to 70 (ish!!!), I get high 40s, even 54 once, on the M6 in the 50-limited roadworks. What clobbers mine is stop-start queuing as it doesn't have auto stop/start and turning the engine off clobbers the stereo and climate control. However, I'm sure that whichever you go for, you'll enjoy it. One tip though: don't sweat too much over fuel consumption - they're meant to be driven!!! All the best, Jon
  12. Hi Matthew, I can only relate my experiences with my 2011 XF-S Portfolio... Definitely has DAB Searching can be slow, but once complete, reception seems to be rock-solid However, there are many 'bands' (or whatever they're called!) and they seem to be related to your location when searching Bluetooth audio does work in mine (with an iPhone 10), although mainly I play my ancient iPod via USB or CDs and, of course the DAB Not sure if any of that will help with your dilemma if it simply refuses to work as you would like, but good luck anyway - there are many other things to enjoy about an XF! Cheers Jon