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  1. have you tried ebay I wanted a replacement remote and I got one on ebay with a blank key, the key part is th same blank as a Ford you may be able to get it cut at a ford dealership which is a lot cheaper than jaguar as for programing you can do that quite easily with your original key.
  2. Hi Steve Have searched today on google search and found a 2011-2012 update disc on ebay price quoted £22.99 item no 163983220859. hope that helps Alan
  3. Hi all I am looking to update my unit to dab radio have the correct rear screen and roof arial, have been told I can run it through the nav system which is updated with the 2011 -2012 DVD. i have found a dvd tuner unit which says it fits my model, though reading some posts mention a Denso unit which uses one of the presets on the audio unit. my other query is some pictures show the Dab radio showing on the head unit but my unit does not show it, are all these units the same or does it only show if the dab tuner is fitted? I also have a jaguar voice modual but can't find the connection cable in the boot. so have not fitted it. If anyone could help I would be eternally grateful. Alan
  4. Hi Peter the beeps have stopped on my Xtype as well and have been looking for an answer, the only thing I can think of is the unit that produces the beeps for the rear and tone for the front sensors is faulty, but dont know where it is situated and cant find any infomation in the manual, would be interested if you find anything out. Regards prof9
  5. Sorry for delay in answering I found out you need to buy a dab tuner which connects via the satnav in the boot but when searching for it can not find any where that has one so gave up in the end sorry I cant be more helpful Regards Alan
  6. Hi my sound system is saying no phone fitted yet my phone says it is connected also when I turn on the ignition the radio comes on for about 20 seconds and then mutes till I reset the ignition. Has anyone come across this and know what the problem is. All help appreciated. Thanks Alan
  7. Hi Can any one tell me the part number for the VACM Module, I have bought one on ebay but does not have the DB2 socket so must be for an older model. have the DB2 loom with the voice plug on but have not found the connector in the boot for the other connection point on the module. Have searched for one to fit my model but have not found one. Would be grateful for any help Thanks.
  8. I wonder wether or not it is a problem with the control modual as mine was replaced with a saloon version instead of estate and now i can not open the glass hatch even using the key or remote also rear wiper no longer works, have been told that estate version of modual is no longer made. I hope that is not the problem as the modual costs £275 + vat and fitting. Good luck Alan
  9. Hi All Found problem with indicators was direction modual ordered new one from jaguar only to find they sent one for saloon instead of estate when fitted found rear wiper does not work when asked for replacement estate version was told it is no longer made. my local Jaguar dealer is in conversation whith parts technical to see if they can source one. I would be grateful if anybody knows if there are any available, or if there is any used ones available. Cheers Alan
  10. Hi All my off side indicacators not working have replaced all bulbs did work whe locking or opening car remotely and did work on hazard but have now packed up altogether. does any body know it there is a relay as I can not find anything in the fuse box diagrams. would be grateful for any info. thanks Alan
  11. Hi I have read that later xtype models could be upgraded with a dab radio tuner with the existing ariel being capable of receiving digital signals. My model is a 2009 se with premium sound system does anyone know or has done the upgrade Regards Alan
  12. Hi, Have just replaced the stalk and on advice from local jaguar service centre upgraded fuse to 20 amp all seems to be working fine now not had anymore problems for 2 weeks. Cheers Alan
  13. Thanks Dave have normal bulbs though checked as heard that bulbs as they wear out have loose fillaments which can short when car hits a pothole fuse still working fine as it is a new one thought fuses that blew were spares in front fuse box so were probaly same age as car and was told they can deteriate over time. will probably get a replacement stalk on ebay and see if that works, garage checked relays and said they were ok there diagnosts pointed to the stalk. and will se what happens when I go to work on Friday night as there are hundreds of ptholes on the lanes. Cheers Alan
  14. Can anyone please tell me if they have had a problem with indicators and main beam failure found fuse no F25 on passenger fuse box blown changed it and worked for about 10 minutes and blew again replaced fuse again and worked for about 2 days ran diagnostics and found 12 failures pointing to the stalk switch, current fuse has been ok for 2 days. first thought was to check main beam bulbs but they seemed ok. Don't know if replacing stalk switch will cure problem. woud be greatful for any advice.
  15. Lost my indicators and main beam after alarm sounded, off side bonnet catch was not shut properly and alarm went off when I locked car after getting home from work changed blown fuse f35 and indicators worked for a few minutes then fuse blew again. Can any one please advise. Cheers Alan 2009 x type estate 2.0 diesel.
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