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  1. Make sure your battery is absolutely secured down. If it can wiggle at all, you risk one of the terminals eventually shaking off, bringing the car to an immediate stop by cutting both the engine and all the electrics. As you can probably guess, I am speaking from experience!
  2. Dode


    Thank you for these amazingly kind and helpful replies! When you're used to driving around in a Vauxhall Merviva, there's nothing quite like putting your foot to the floor. Will follow all your advice chaps. Best regards.
  3. Dode


    Great to be a member of the club. I'm a Jaguar newbie, having just fulfilled an ambition of acquiring one (an S Type 3 litre Sport automatic, 80k miles). My modest budget extended to a 2007 model at £4300. I hope I didn't pay too much. Looks very well kept and fine in every way, except parking censors don't work, which doesn't bother me provided I remember the car has a boot! Is this a costly and/or worthwhile repair? May I ask for some advice from more experienced owners. What should I look out for, or take special care over, in an S Type of this age? Is this as good a car (in fact wonderful) as it certainly seems to be? What tends to go wrong most? If you bear in mind I've upgraded from a 1360cc Vauxhall Meriva, you'll understand why I'm so pleased with the new (even if slightly old) lady!