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  1. For the boot I'd start by checking the condition/position of the boot lid seal. For footwell water do the same for the door, windscreen and, if you have one, sunroof seals, and check that the vallance vents at the bottom of the windscreen aren't blocked. If all looks good get a helper to spray a water hose over the car and get in the car/boot with a torch. Good luck
  2. Could be any number of reasons. Maybe it had had a prang and somebody decided on a DIY repair, which could be a reason for the headlight not fitting properly (if it's on the same side, that is). Look through the wad of receipts that came with the car (you did get receipts, didn't you?), maybe you'll find the answer there. Mark
  3. Don't quote me but I believe the headlights need to come out if you need to change the bulbs, so it should be in your owners manual. If you don't have one then there might be something here:
  4. I'm in the process of buying a 2006 XK, and while I'm waiting to collect it I've been reading through the 2008 owner's manual. On this topic I see that the headlamp units need to be removed completely if you want to flick the lever or even change a bulb. Is that correct, or can it be done without taking the unit out?
  5. It's here..
  6. I'd first find a local independent and get them to take a look - there may be an issue with the sender in the fuel tank, which will give a false reading at the gauge.
  7. How old are the tyres? If the car had been standing for a long time before you bought it and/or they're around 10 years old then I'd change them. Otherwise try changing the fronts to the back and see if that helps.
  8. I'd get the doors/locking modules checked out first - it sounds electrical rather than mechanical. It may be a simple fix with just a new module.
  9. Hi all, I've just purchased an LR v2.0 from a dealer and I'm getting a 'link error' when I try the 'OBDII/EOBD' function. It communicates OK with the 'Diagnostic' function though. Has anyone else with this unit had the same issue? I've updated the software from iCarSoft, as recommended, but no joy (it works OK on a Honda Jazz, so I'm wondering if there's a protocol conflict) Any advice gratefully received! Cheers, Mark
  10. If my car was returned to me in that condition it would go straight back to them. As Joe says, it sounds like the tracking is completely off (but quite how it should have got to that condition is beyond me). Cheers, Mark
  11. I have a 2004 2.5 SE with 52k on the clock, and also have this issue in similar driving conditions, usually followed by a MIL after the third or fourth engine re-cycle - it happened 3 times to me today. Once I clear the MIL the gearbox behaves for a week or two, then it starts all over again. I've had opinions, each from different experienced sources, ranging from 'change the oil' (done), 'it's a sticky solenoid', 'the wiring gets too hot' to 'replace the gearbox'. I'm going to buy myself an iCarSoft LR v.2.0 soon, and if necessary I'll be visiting these guys in Twickenham: Regards, Mark
  12. Thanks chaps - I've taken another look and decided to heed your valuable advice and ordered a couple of tie bars from Berkshire Jags, at £70+VAT+delivery for the pair. Hopefully the old ones will come off without too much trouble! Cheers, Mark
  13. Thanks Frank - I see your point and will look at doing that at some point, but at the moment I'm looking for a quick fix to get it though the MOT. There's no play and according to the tester they look pretty clean. If the track rods are seized on I'll probably need heat, and then re-align, which is a bit of a faff for the amount of time I have.
  14. Hi all - I need to pick your brains! I've just had an MOT failure on the rear track rod end dust covers - they're shot and need replacing. Does anyone know which size I'd need to order? I see there are various assorted kits available, but obviously I don't want to get the wrong ones! Any help would be very much appreciated 🙂 Cheers, Mark
  15. For £20 you won't get one that's Jaguar-specific - it won't give you very much information at all, if any. It certainly won't compete with JLR diagnostic systems that dealers and independents have invested a few thousand pounds in..