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  1. Jobs On The X Type.. Getting there!

    If the MIL is still on there there is a problem somewhere. Bear in mind not all code readers will read all codes, thesee cheapie ones read the engine code (not all) but wont read the ABS codes and other ECU codes. Looks like you may have to get it read by Jag diagnostics to find out what is going on. 3.0l do not use bigger brakes, they are all the same size no matter which modle you have. The big brake conversion is using the Ford ASBO brakes off the ST (cant remember the exact model)
  2. Jobs On The X Type.. Getting there!

    Just to save you a job, the code P1000 isnt a fault, it is a code to indicate code reading finished. G
  3. Bluetooth connectivity with smartphone

    I have a HTC windows 7 phone, works perfectly well on my bluetooth (07 plate, but I dont think my system is different to yours) The only limitation I have found is I can only connect 1 phone ( later system allows you to connect 3) Oh and only 500 contacts in the address book. G
  4. 2005 2.0. diesel x.type

    Then you need the blanking plate with the hole in it. G
  5. 2005 2.0. diesel x.type

    Then you need the blanking plate with the hole in it. G
  6. Mine goes off with the ingition too, however the one in the boot is live all the time (estate) G
  7. oxygen sensors

    Sorry cant help you with that, I'm a diesel man. The best bet would be to find a good local Jag independant who knows there way around the X-Type. G
  8. 2005 2.0. diesel x.type

    EGR valve stuck open? Apparently that can cause non start problems.Are you euro 3 or 4? You could try blanking the EGR to test. G
  9. Looking at buying X type

    Deffo headlamp washers, usually came with the winter pack (heated front screen, heated front seats, headlamp washers) was also standard with xenon headlamps too. G
  10. 2.0 diesel tickover

    All you need to know here G
  11. 2.0 diesel tickover

    I've heard a grunged up EGR valve can cause this issue. Not sure a helper spring would be of use, these dont have a throttle cable but are 'fly by wire' controlled by the ECU G
  12. Heated Windscreen

    Hi Pezzzer, it does seem very slow on here. Couldnt help with your relay, glad you got it sorted. I got my second set of wheels off ebay, I wanted a set of 16s for winter tyres. I have 17s for summer use. Make sure you get X-type ones. Some sellers advertise them as fitting x and s type, avoid them, they are clearly ignorant as to the sublties of what fits correctly. The offset is different on s-type wheels so although the wheels fit on the hub they can foul the suspension. G
  13. Re Map/Super Chips???

    How much money do you want to throw at it? Start with the easy stuff. Decat pipe, give thick end of nothing on its own but supposedly allows turbo to spool faster (made no appreciable difference to mine) Blank EGR, may need one with the hole in it. Again no power on its own but stops the cack going into the inlet manifold Bigger intercooler, just a few BHP here but allows you to run higher boost. fiddly to fit but ok if you're competent on the spanners. Remap, live remap on the rollers to take advantage of the above stuff. That concludes the cheap (ish) stuff. That lot together may bag you about 165 - 180 BHP Want more power? now we enter deep pockets arena. custom built injectors to get more fuel in there, or apparently 2.2 injectors will fit, but you have to be careful as there are several variants Hybrid turbo, these have a bigger impellor to shift more air, again a 2.2 turbo will fit but the hybrid would be a better option. above may be of consideration if you happen to need injectors or turbo because of failure otherwise an expensive project. another custom remap to hang it all together Unlikely to get more than 200 bhp, i've not heard of any. Want more still? read about someone with Methanol injection pushing out some serious power on a 2.2 mondeo Suppose you could drop a 2.2 lump in there and then do all the above. Hope thats of interest for you G
  14. I fill it up with fuel, then 600 miles later I have to fill it up again!! Shocking! G
  15. X type headlights

    Look for one with the factory fitted Xenon, these are very good. The standard lights are quite poor, but these can be improved by using something like nightbreaker bulbs or an aftermaket HID conversion. G